What Are Her Signals To Take It Further?

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Both women and men have motives in everything they do. Only difference is that a women's motives are much harder to figure out, although not impossible. They do leave enough clues for you to figure out. Their body language, the questions they ask, and their actions all form clues to what they are after.

It may be for money. You'll quickly notice this if she expects you to pay for everything and never offers to split any bills and she doesn't take the opportunity to also pay for you at times. Questions she asks such as what you do, the house you live in, and the car you drive, these are definite signs that she is in it for the money.

Other women may be in it for the sex, they just want to get laid. And you will be able to pick this up through their actions. Sexually adventurous women are much more aggressive in their actions such as approaching you very closely on the dance floor, wrapping their arms around you etc. Although there are exceptional shy ones that are also sexually active and are really just waiting for the right man to sweep them away and begin their sexual encounter and fantasy.

Women love to talk, so you should allow them to. They are revealing themselves to you. However, if you encounter a shy women who is more timid, ask her questions. Men usually make the mistake of trying to cover up complete silence by filling it up with self centered talk, intentionally or unintentionally. Women are turned off by self centeredness. Don't make this mistake. There must be a balance. Try to ask a question for every question she asks, that is best way.

Women also act shy as they look downward, hoping the man catches them doing so. What they are doing is really inviting us into their world. Even a slight smile is perhaps an invitation to move forward.

It is not only men who get nervous in front of the opposite sex. Women are probably as or more nervous than men are. So if the woman is talking to you, then you've got a chance. It's common that if the woman is either taken or doesn't want to know you more, she can be quite blunt or you'll notice that she will find a way to get out talking to your further.

If it's none of these, then, go full steam ahead, she'll want you to!

In the mean time, Good Luck!

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