I Want Her Back

By Daily Graphic

Dear Nana Ama, I am 19 and she is 18 and we have been lovers for the past one year. We started dating as soon as we entered secondary school.

I proposed to her and she accepted it and we agreed to get married as soon as we complete our secondary school education.

However, I have realised that my girlfriend is in a relationship with another guy and I can't stop thinking about her.

The more I try to stop thinking about her, the more I lose concentration. I have been attracted to her so much that I can't do anything without her. What should I do to get her back?

Sammy, Bibiani.

Dear Sammy, Have a chat with your friend to find out whether or not your fears are real or imaginary.

If she decides that she prefers the other guy to you, you could encourage her to give you reasons.

Meanwhile, you must bear in mind the fact that at your ages it is not unusual to outgrow your current preferences, choices and so on.

It's unfortunate that your friend's behaviour is adversely affecting your studies. Your books are your top priority now, as your future well-being depends on your progress in acquiring education.

So, to ensure that nothing disrupts your education, it will be in your own interest to postpone dating, that is your current union breaks, till you are ready.