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“My hair has gotten so thin that you can see my scalp in certain places. Do hair implants make sense?”

Hair transplants aren't just for men—and if you've got lots of empty turf up top, the treatment might indeed make sense for you. We're not talking those weird-looking plugs or strips anymore, either. Today's implants look more like your own fresh-grown hair, sprinkled naturally around the scalp. “We take skin from the back of the scalp and cut out little hair bundles. Then we place the individual bundles one by one into the thinning areas,” says Dr. Lisa Ishii, a plastic surgeon at Johns Hopkins Medical School who specializes in women's hair loss. It's a painstaking process—a typical procedure involves 1,500 grafts and can take five hours—but you get to relax in the doctor's office with a Valium and some scalp-numbing injections. You can gently wash your hair the next day. Full regrowth takes four to six months. (Be warned, though: if you don't have enough hair on the back of your head to redistribute, this option isn't for you.)

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