Bollywood and Nollywood to join hands


It seems that Bollywood is smelling money in Nigeria. After wooing African audiences for decades, the Hindi commercial film industry is setting up a date with the Nigerian film industry - commonly referred to as Nollywood - at the ION International Film Festival there in December, reports IANS. The festival will be attended by Madhu Mantena, who produced 'Ghajini', and Nandana Sen, an actor and the daughter of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. The two will meet Nigerian producers to explore ways in which their respective film industries can work together.

Award-winning, Indian-origin film and television producer, Parminder Vir is bringing representatives of the two film industries together. 'Over the years, I have become a great admirer of the Nollywood film industry, which is very similar to Bollywood with their 'can do' attitude. In the absence of government support, both have created an industry which contributes substantially to the wealth of the nation,' she added.

The Nigerian film industry is a US$ 250 million-a-year industry that churns out between 500 and 1,000 movies a year.

'The African market is vital for the Indian film industry, and we share a long history. I am looking forward to learning and understanding more about Nollywood and discovering what Nigeria has to offer,' says Mantena, who is now working on the John Abraham-starrer '1-800 LOVE'.

By Shahrezad Samiuddin

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