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Rejoinder: Impersonation of Rattawu

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Dear Editor,
It has come to our attention that a story titled "SINS OF MALLAM USMAN MAGAWATA, NTA DIRECTOR GENERAL-RATTAWU", was posted on your website and credited to "RATTAWU EXECUTIVES".

We have contacted the National Executives of RATTAWU as well as local chapters to verify the source of the story and they have disowned it in its entirety. (A rejoinder by the National Executives of RATTAWU is attached).

It would appear that some fraudsters are impersonating RATTAWU to prosecute a hidden agenda and are using to achieve their objectives. You may wish to contact the National Executives of RATTAWU to determine if indeed the story emanated from them or any of their local chapters.

We do hope that you would use the same medium to discredit this story after your investigations.

Yours sincerely,
Nasir Zahradeen
Head, Corporate Affairs
Nigerian Television Authority.