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Chicken names for chickens are as indispensable and crucial as Eagle Names for Eagles.

But chicken names for Eagles are no names but a holocaust for the Eagles. Eagle Names for Eagles are the Eagle Identity Eagles need to know, accept and live as Eagle - centric Eagles.

Eagle Names for Eagles are the Eagle political, economic and social Key that connects Eagles to their Eagle Glory, Power and Benefits of their Eagleness in words, thoughts and deeds. An Eagle without an Eagle Name of his or her own is a living-dead Eagle.

Eagle Names for Eagles provide Eagles with the link to their Eagle World, Eagle Heritage, Eagle Riches, Eagle Root, Eagle Culture, Eagle Values, Eagle Identity and History. Eagle Names for Eagles are everything to Eagles.

To have them is to have everything precious, noble and priceless. To lose them is to lose everything precious, noble and priceless in life. Eagle Names for Eagles are therefore the limitless power of who and what Eagles are in life, where they come from as Eagles, why they are here for as Eagles and where they will go from here as Eagles.

This is so because to name themselves positively and correctly as Eagles is to have the Eagle Power to define, treat, experience and relate to themselves positively and correctly as Eagles who are proud of who and what they are for life.

But, to the chicken Farmer, to name his Eagles Eagle is to give them the power to know they are Eagles. To give his Eagles Eagle Names is to get his Eagles to fly away from his control, domination and exploitation as Eagles. Hence, to avoid this, he carefully replaces their Eagle Names with chicken names which he programs his Eagles to accept, love, adore, value and cherish as their own names.

By conditioning for five hundred seasons his Eagles to reject their own Eagle Names as barbaric, Stone Age, obsolete, dirty, uncouth, unpolished, un-modern, and archaic, the chicken Farmer is able to keep his Eagles totally ignorant of their Eagle Names, Eagle Identity, Eagle History and Eagle Heritage.

This means, total uprootment for his Eagles from the power and benefit of their true Eagle Names and Identity.

In this way, the chicken Farmer succeeds in getting his Eagles to assimilate, integrate themselves or allow themselves to be dissolved into their chicken names of nonentity, nothingness and non-existence to them.

And as long as his Eagles continue to see their salvation in their chicken names that kill and reduce their Eagleness to zero, the chicken Farmer will forever rule over them until they have the courage to reject and break away from the genocide of their chicken names in favor of the blessing of their Eagle Names.

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