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Association employs 20,000 Nigerians

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In direct response to the current administration's drive to provide employment opportunities for the teeming number of unemployed youths, a private sector-driven platform-Mobile Advert Association of Nigeria (MOAN) disclosed that it has engaged over 20,000 Nigerian youths.

At a national event to introduce the new certificate clearance for the year 2012, in Abuja at the weekend, the national executive Council of the body said it was determined to further consolidate the organization so as to gainfully employ more Nigerians in their job of revenue generation across the country.

MOAN disclosed that it has worked out an elaborate plan to drag notorious tax evaders to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt practices and other related offences commission. The association is a private sector driven initiative accredited by the Federal Government of Nigeria over twenty five years ago.

The association also frowned at the practice whereby residents of one state or local government council pay their taxes to another state or local government council and restated her commitment to battle the menace.

The Mobile Advert Association of Nigeria in a statement made available to journalists stated thus; “The association stands to fight against double collection and multiple collection of taxes especially on our roads and 774 local government areas all over the federation. Therefore, the multinational and indigenous companies must also join us to fight this cause by paying their taxes and levies to their areas of jurisdiction without fear or favor from any quarters.”

“It is against this backdrop that we stand to say that it is improper for one to be resident in Lagos, also having all his business in Lagos and then pay his taxes to Sokoto. A similitude of this is like a tenant paying all his or her house rents to a different landlord entirely. We also find it improper for someone in a local government/Area council to pay his/her tax to another Area Council within Abuja. This amounts to robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

According to it; “The laws of the land totally frown against that. The association stands as a force to implement the laws of the land. We are calling upon the captains and Chief Executives of companies in Nigeria to put strict supervision on those placed in the offices of tax payment or fees to government organizations to do the right thing. This time around, the association is going to act in collaboration with the anti-graft agencies against the tax evaders or those who divert the government tax to their own area of interest or personal gains. Companies should try to respect their tax jurisdiction.”     

The statement was endorsed jointly by the national President, Otumba John Obriba; Vice president, Alhaji Abubakar Ndarani, Director General, joint mobile Sanitation Agency (JAMSA) Mr. Samuel Ele Asebe; Secretary General Mr. Christopher Egbobor; National Treasurer, Alhaji Aminu Yunusa and National publicity secretary Alhaji Tijani G. Shariff.       

On the determination of the body to fight corruption, it stated thus; “We are sounding it as a clarion call that we all have the responsibility of being in the vanguard of fighting corruption and lift Nigeria to its deserved status. On the issue of call from some quarters as regards our activities of regulating and maintaining uniformity in tax collection to avoid double or multiple taxation, we hereby formally express our disappointment at the level of misconception or deliberate falsehood being paraded by those elements.”

On the achievements of the body, the statement noted thus; “Apart from achieving uniformity and eradicating multiple taxation, we have also succeeded in creating employment opportunities for our youths; it therefore, comes to us as a shock that these people who are employed are trying to take over the job of those who creating job opportunities for themselves and the youths. We have been operating as an association for upward of 28 years and have achieved a lot and we cannot afford to fold our arms and watch a group of over ambitious and greedy people to take over our job.”