PDP to dump Sylva for calling President Jonathan 'Lame Duck', Operating Foreign Accounts

Source: pointblanknews.com

For allegedly describing President Goodluck Jonathan as a “lame duck” President during a private conversation with some friends, operating foreign accounts, and using state resources to acquire strings of assets globally,   embattled Bayelsa State Governor, Timipre Sylva's second term bid appears to be in total jeopardy.

The Peoples's Democratic Party ( PDP), seems to have made up it's mind to dump  Silva as it's standard bearer at the next gubernatorial polls. The only factor that can save his job is if the Supreme Court rules next month in favor of the Governors challenging the INEC's position on tenure.

If the court rules that the tenure of the five governors, including Silva has not ended, then there would be no need for any party primary where Silva would definitely be beaten.

Sources told Pointblanknews.com that Governor Sylva had disrespected the president when during a conversation with some Bayelsa politicians, he described President Jonathan as a “lame duck” president.

“You cannot insult the President of this country in that manner and want to remain in the same party and run as Governor of his state, that is absolutely impossible,” a highly placed source told  Pointblanknews.com over the weekend.

According to the source, “no matter what difference or differences you might have with the President, he still remains the president and should be respected at all times.

Some of his properties in London are 11 Studridge Strret, SW1 with title number MX 674738, and 5 Wichendon Riad Peckham Ryle SE15, with title number MGS398290

He also allegedly operate strings of accounts in London, they include Barclays Bank account number 004186943 with sort code 206242. Balance as at 2010 $28million. He also operates another at Abbey National, account number H46828466BHW with a balance of $12 million .

Already the party has positioned new faces. They include the state's Attorney General, George Ikoli, former runner up to President Goodluck Jonathan at the state's gubernatorial primaries, Ebide, a two-time member of the House of Representatives, Seriake Dickson, recently adopted by The Green Movement, the group that backed Jonathan for governorship then.

Contrary to popular belief that Petroleum Minister, Deziani Alison- Madueke, was being groomed to step into the shoes of Silva, a top party source said " the state, is not ready for a female governor for now. Yes she is smart, and has a wealth of experience but not now"

The Bayelsa helmsman has a litany of factors weighing against his quest to force his way into the hearts of the party heir-achy. But despite opposition he has picked up nomination form, Pointblanknews.com learnt.

Pointblanknews.com sources hinted last night that aside from his gross disrespect for his kinsman, President Goodluck Jonathan, Silva, in their estimation is damaged  goods, because he has not performed and as well polarized the party in his state. They also point to his reckless ways with state funds.

One of the issues is the N230 million he paid to some attorneys who handled  some of the state 's political cases . The issue landed the states' Attorney General,  George Ikoli in the interrogation room of the ICPC and EFCC. The law chambers alleged Ikoli diverted the cash meant for payment of legal services rendered

It was learnt that Silva who is at the Supreme Court, alongside four other governors,  to challenge INEC on tenure expiration, is threatening to dump the party if he is kicked to the curb.

Pointblanknews.com sources hinted that the PDP has a premonition that the Governors may lose to INEC at the Supreme Court on November 21, because  the new Chief Justice of the Federation, and some jurists at the apex court are disposed to INEC boss, Attahiru Jega.

Said our source" we cannot take that chance. If the INEC wins, which is most likely, we don't want to be stuck with Silva. We are not really kin about the four states for obvious reason. Bayelsa is the President's home state..so we are looking for a formidable replacement. As for the primaries, we have not agreed on any date, but if he likes let him go and pick up a form."

However, Timi Alaibe, who dumped the PDP for the Labor Party (LP), is angling to return, but sources say, the party would give him the " Atiku" treatment: Take his cash and dump him, because he was treacherous.

According to our source, " the party cannot afford to have Silva, considering the fact that, the Labor Party has Alaibe, while the Action Congress has a cousin of former Governor, Dipriye Alameseigha, Imoro Kubor. These guys have some slice of the electorates, so we can't just say let Timi carry our flag. He has made us lose a chunk of the electorates. Imoro has Alamiesegha, and you know Alaibe has been around for a while with lots of cash"