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How she threatened to move out it was a wedding that could easily have been dubbed the wedding of the year when it took place in 2007,less than six months after her father came to power.

It was the first of two weddings conducted for the daughters of the then President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,Umaru Musa Yar Adua.It had all the trappings of the A class society wedding as the daughter of a sitting president was wedding a state Governor and so it was indeed a big occasion.

Many people read many meanings to the wedding especially given the fact that the lady was much younger than the Governor and also the fact that he had other wives in the house before Zainab who remains as pretty as ever,moved in.

One fact however remained,the President's daughter could not play second fiddle to anyone and so,soon after the marriage,the First lady,Turail Yar Adua visited the state and she was received by her daughter who was immediately confirmed as the official wife of the Governor,thereby pushing the other women in his life before the marriage to the background.They were not happy but they had no choice,after all,she was the President's daughter.

This was the situation till mid 2010 when Yar Adua died and the dice changed.It was gathered from our sources in Kebbi that once the President died,the rejoicing in the Kebbi Governor's immediate home was too obvious,with the relatives of the other wives moving in to say,now that Yar Adua was off the scene,the other wives should assert themselves.And this they did.

First,they moved silently to the extended family of the Governor to lobby that since Zainab was busy junketing and never really had time,another of the wives should be given the role of the First lady of the State.The Governor agreed and from there,Zainab's troubles began.

Impeccable sources disclosed that the late President's daughter,upon hearing her husband had decided that she should no longer be the official wife told the Governor that she wanted out and that she was no longer interested in the marriage.The Governor was said to have agreed that if she wanted out,she could go,but the lady on second thought demanded that her husband refunded the four hundred million Naira she loaned him towards his re-election bid.

It was at that point the Governor decided to soft pedal pending the time he could wriggle his way out even as a few friends who knew how the whole marriage thing was consummated came in and asked for a truce.

According to the tale bearers,the late president's daughter,just like her younger sister Nafisat who is also having problems with her marriage to Bauchi Governor Isa Yuguda is one leg in one leg out as the two marriages were crumbling.

Some sources even claimed that there is no way the marriages could hold as the ladies are believed to be richer than their husbands given the immense power they wielded while their father was alive though all that is now history as their husbands no longer find them politically useful after their father's death.