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Speaking to Vanguard in Lagos, Osagie noted that the Boko Haram problem was still in its teething stage and that a lot can be done now to curb it.

He said: 'This is not the time to trade blames and accusations. This is time to be patriotic and take the interest of the nation first before individual interests.'

Osagie stressed that the Boko Haram sect must be stopped before it stops Nigeria, adding 'the Boko Haram challenge must be handled now. It must be dealt with and they must be stopped before they stop Nigeria.'

He said the state of insecurity in the society  was due to the high unemployment level in the country.

Osagie said:  'Unemployment rate is rising astronomically, giving room to criminal activities in the society. The all-time high rate of crime, youth violence, insecurity and civil unrest in our cities is a major fall-out of the unemployment situation in the country.'