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The 21 Armoured Brigade of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri has absolved its soldiers from the alleged killing of a nursing mother during a clash with irate youths in Biu in Borno State last Wednesday. The army maintained the widespread allegation in the state that its men gunned down an innocent woman in Biu during the Wednesday disturbance was 'totally untrue,' adding that the medical examination conducted on the woman after her corpse was found at the scene of the crisis showed that the injuries sustained were not caused by the type of ammunition used by the Nigerian Army but pellets fired from dane guns and pump action rifle.

A release issued and signed by the Brigade Public Realtion Officer, Lt. Abubakar Abdullahi stated that the soldiers discovered one live round and empty case of MK2 rifle at the scene after the youths were dispersed. It claimed the Nigerain Army neither had the type of the rifle in its inventory nor did it use them.

Commenting on the actual cause of the disturbance, Lt. Abdullahi said the incident was ignited by the distribution of Ramadan rice to National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members undergoing their primary assignment in Biu Local Government. He said some youths had felt aggrieved that they did not benefit from the gesture and thereafter went on rampage on the guise of protesting for the release of some Islamic teachers privously quizzed in connection with Boko Haram by the security agencies in the town.

'The youths set the Catholic Church ablaze and partially burnt down the EYN Church.

The youths trapped and fired at the NYSC members in Biu Local Government secretariat. They also marched to the emir's palace, intent on burning it down. Troops were deployed to restore law and order and protect lives and properties,' he stated. The brigade spokesman appealed to the people in Biu and its environs to continue their normal business, adding that security measures had been put in place to safeguard live