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The unity of Islam faithful is not in celebrating Eid on the same day throughout the world but in following the Quaran and sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. This was the verdict of the Amir of Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos State area unit, Qasim Badrudeen at the annual Ramadan lecture of MSSN Agege area council.

According to the MSSN leader, history has shown that whenever muslims followed the Quaran and the practices of the prophet, there would be unity, adding that the way of prophet Muhammad is the only one way to achieve the unity of Islam faithful.

Badrudeen urged all muslims to think as one nation and also strive hard to overcome linguistic, geographical, regional and ethnic differences which the agents of colonial empires have planted in them. 'The agents of colonial empires have planted the seed of linguistic and regional nationalism among all Muslims. Muslims must leave linguistic and regional nationalism behind and become one body, if any part of the body feels pain the entire body should feel it and find the cure for it.

'Let me say that as we strive toward unity, it is pertinent to note that some sacrifices would be made, these may come in whatever form. We must be ready to sacrifice just as our forerunners did while planting the seed of the Ummah that we all belong today,' he said.

Speaking futher, Badrudeen noted that Allah has endowed muslims with all the resources of the earth which Allah did not gave others but rather for Muslims to use the power to negotiate and command world respect in their favour , they have turned out to be the ones whose future is being negotiated upon by non-muslim, with their resources.

He implored all muslism to give 100 percent support for Islamic banking because of its benefit for both Muslism and non-Muslim when it materialized, adding that the current bitter outburst and deep-rooted hatred against the introduction of the non-interest banking by some group of people camouflaging under religion organization was callous.