Source: Mazi Odera/

Dear Mr President Jonathan ,

During the campaign we trusted and campaigned for you ,vouched for you ,stood by you ,voted for you and alaigbo gave you her all, with that you became the President.

What did you give us in return ?,Well I know that you gave us the head of servants ,I mean the Chief of Servant and we named PIUS ANYIM for that position ,then we smiled like small idiot and say thank you sir for making us a servant. Even Obasanjo improved on that despite his perfect hatered for us.

Sir,we know that SECOND NIGER BRIDGE does not need a rocket scientist to execute ,it does not need AMERICAN,S nor Russians to build ,what it needed is just a phone call from you to Julius Berger and some documents that will give them some barrel of crude oil ,then there will be a link Bridge between alaigbo and the rest of the nation,but to you ,it is like asking for miracle or you are waiting to use it again for re-election campaign.We are no fools even though we have politicians that made us look like one.

During the campaign all the smiles you shared in Alaigbo is as fake as Nigerian law makers.It is more painful that you even looked our Governors ,Ndi Eze,Eze Igbo Gburugburu on the face and lie to them that you have our back,all the while you have planned on how to neglect us and cast us out ,even though we are the goose that laid the golden egg of victory.

I remember you landed at Enugu International Airpot and flag off AKANU IBIAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPOT ,when you know that there was no plans to make it International anything.when you did not assign Customs and Immigration to it.When you did not provide even Run way lights,when you did not plan on having it done in your life time.

I also remember when you said that you have lifted Ban on many things including clothings and many other things,but the customs uptill today refused to accept your lifting of Bans ,instead the increased the tarrif ,thereby making you a very weak president that has no weight behind his words.They reduced your assurance to noise making.

Sure you have screwed us but it is not that painful because we have been on the screwing end from the time of Gowon down to Murtala Muhammed,Olusegun Obasanjo,Shehu Shagari,Buhari,IBB,Abacha,Abdulsallam and back to OBJ who get,s erection insulting us at will and every turn.

Why yours is more painful is that we thought that as youth and educated, you will balance the deficit,but it seems that OBJ may be better after all.

Ok let me stop being selfish for the moment ,how about the Light that you promised the nation will be history in the first 6 months ?.

How about the roads all over the south,west and east ?,We know for sure that the money you approve for the house of Rep and Senate as BONUS and "eat and sharaap" are more than enough to build us a network of roads that will tranvass and criss cross the nation,but yet you are still drinking moet as if all things are well and ok.

Today the North is BOKO HARAMING the place ,they are bombing the cities into submission and nothing has being done.If your presidency is this poised with no objective and focus ,i am sure that other Ethnics will take a cue from Boko Haram and you Mr President will be responsible to RWANDA-rising Nigeria.

Sir,your first mistake was to surround self with those incompetent old cargoes ,those people are the reason Nigeria is in comatose and yet you surround self with them.

Changing the plate number of Car does not make it new,what the car need is good work on the engine,interior and re-painting ,that way there can a new life and milage on it.

Do you think that all this old and expired Ministers,head of departments ,special advisers are the people that will improve your tenure and the nation ?,well they have been part of the rotten system for decades and the best they have done is to own billions of dollars which they deposited in foriegn banks.

Ok ,I want to be personal ,look at your own town Otueke and Bayelsa ,the only thing you have done for them is to give them imaginary University without STRUCTURE and how about good roads,pipe borne water and other goodies of life ?.

Sir,some will say give you more time ,but i am sure that a baby that did not crawl after one year must be a cripple,from the days DORA AKUNYILI gave you the powers of the president,when the Cabals in Aso rock refused to let you see UMYA ,talkless of knowing his condition,but Dora wrestled the cabal for your sake and gave you on platter what eluded you which I saw no thanks from you to her for her heroine deed- till now ,you should,ve shown the nation that you can make a difference.The only difference we have seen so far is bigger budget for PDP and her top echelon.

Finally ,Sir,if you cannot give us second NIGER BRIDGE ,AKANU IBIAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPOT,ONITSHA WHARF ,and build us our own FEDERAL ROADS ,i think it will be proper if you can give us back our votes and we can take chances with anybody in power ,than a man we trusted so much and yet he has no clue.