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Shepherd of Soldiers of Christ International, Benin City, Apostle O. C. Esiri, has warned that God's anger is imminent on churches in Nigeria and their leaders, particularly the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) leadership.

The clergyman further warned that of special mention in the revelation are Primate Elijah Ayodele and Pastor Tunde Bakare.

He handed these warnings during a recent missionary journey to the Sun Publishing Limited office in Lagos, assuring that he was not speaking on his own volition, but God's. According to him, God will disgrace false prophets and do a new thing in this nation, which in his words, 'would begin from the church'.

Speaking further, Apostle Esiri disclosed that God's anger against the church and her leaders were due to atrocities being perpetrated in churches of today. 'I'm told to tell CAN that they're found wanting. The PFN, every arm of CAN, they're found wanting. There's a problem with them, especially among the Pentecostal fold and God is seriously annoyed with them now.'

Esiri said God mandated him to declare that He is angry with Primate Olabayo for flagrantly opposing God's will for His people' His words: 'Primate Olabayo is found wanting for opposing God's plans, especially in giving Jonathan to this nation. He speaks through Sunday Sun and Nigerian Tribune; and God wants me to tell him and Tunde Bakare that their time is up.

'Tunde Bakare has been saying so many things through his radio and television programmes. I wrote and told him saying, 'you're a senior minister; you're supporting a Muslim to fight a Christian. You're like Balaam and Balak in the Bible. And when God deals with Buhari, He will come to you. Now, how is he today? The whole thing has turned round. 'Where is Buhari, he cannot talk now? Where is Bakare? Can he face his congregation and tell them that he's vying for vice presidency? A minister of the gospel?'

Let Bakare and Primate Ayodele know that God wants to start dealing with false prophets. He wants to start with the church. Esiri described CAN as a big problem and warned that God is going to deal with them, stressing that it was for this reason that God directed him to call all Christians to a fast, which he claims should span between June 12 and 19. The week-long prayer and fasting, he said, is for God to uphold the destiny of the nation, which he said had been dampened by 'evil machinations from demonic pastors'.

'Most of these so-called men of God now operate in demonic realm. We cannot operate with hooligans, who don't know their left from their right; they begin to turn things upside down. We're fed up with such people. The time has come for God to intervene and bring the right people to lead His people.

CAN is a big problem. It is supposed to be teaching one doctrine, but have deviated. If you look at CAN today in Nigeria, you see that some churches are demonic. It's not the doctrine that is the problem; most of the ministers are from demonic world.