By NBF News

Bishop and prophet of the Nativity World Peace Evangelical Ministries, Lagos, has warned Nigerians on the impending wrath of what he called 'angels of vengeance.'

Specifically, Bishop Steven Asala said the blood of the acclaimed winner of June 12, 1993 presidential election, the late Chief MKO Abiola is crying for justice in the grave. He warned that if Nigeria refuses to atone for the killing of innocent Nigerians, the year 2012 would be too bloody for everybody.

He would want special crusades held in different parts of the country because if there is no atonement for the sins of Nigerians, the crisis that will begin in 2012 and terminate in 2014 may cause the end of Nigeria.

Another spectacular revelation made by the man of God is that the load of Nigeria is too heavy for President Goodluck Jonathan and Namadi Sambo to carry. According to him, he had warned before the general election that if the duo forces themselves on Nigeria, as president and vice president, the nation would burn. He pointed out that the violence that erupted in the northern part of the country, after the presidential election, is a fulfillment of his prediction.

The bishop called on government to sponsor crusades in places where Nigeria shed innocent blood in the past to avert catastrophe in 2012.

He spoke on other issues.
It is said that you have a mission. What's about?
My purpose is to see how we can save Nigeria. Nigeria is burning. Nigeria is burning because there are three spirits setting the country ablaze today. One is Assyria, the second is Babylon and the third is called Persia.

All these countries are in the Middle East…
Surely, Eden was not meant to be in Africa. Eden is in the Middle East, where God rained curses on mankind from day one and from then mankind has been carrying that great curse. Jesus came to save us, but the Jews killed mankind when they said 'let his blood be upon our children and us.'

How are these countries of ancient days destroying Nigeria?

I have here four great Empires. Assyria-650BC- Babylon -550 BC and Persia, 450BC. You can see the 50, 50 connection. Assyria had the spirit called Sataya, a midland goddess with a goat's head, tail and legs and that is stubbornness of the highest degree. This spirit entered Samuel Akintola and he set Western Nigeria ablaze. The Lord said if they sound alike, they act alike. There was Assyria in Akintola, Abacha and Aremu Obasanjo. They never lived up to the expectation of God as leaders.

Coming to Babylon, it used Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida and Tunde Bakare got hooked up. Babylon begat a spirit called Banshi. Wherever it is, there must be death. When there was no longer Babylon, it came to settle in Britain. Britain invaded Australia and destroyed their aborigines. It went to North America and destroyed the red Indians. It later came to Africa for slavery. So, wherever Banshi goes, there is trouble.

With Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Aremu and the rest of them 50, 50 came to Nigeria on our 50th birthday. I hope what I am saying makes sense. They are 50 oriented spirits. Babylon itself began in 1550 and was dethroned in 1450 just like Yakubu Gowon who came on July 29 and left on July 29. So, this spirit is the greatest spirit that destroys the world. It went to Berlin, begat Adolph Hitler and the rest is history. He killed six million Jews and between 1939 and 1945, war related matters killed 50 million people, which is documented. Out of this number, six million were Jews. That is Banshi of Berlin. So, when it visited Nigeria, it was in Benin. I don't know if you know at that time, it was Owegbe cult. It killed many people. Lately, coming up to our horizon, we now have Bauchi, Borno and Bayelsa. Tell me, which of them has not taken the baptism of fire lately? Just go through them- Borno, you know Maiduguri burns and Bauchi is still burning. The herd's men invaded Benue and killed so many people. In Bayelsa, you know how many cars were set ablaze in this our dirty politics of arson.

What can Nigerians do to correct the anomaly?
You don't kill innocent people and go to bed and think that you will have a sound sleep. The nightmare will be too great for you to bear. People like Moshood Abiola, Kudirat, his wife, Bola Ige and the rest of them who were murdered were recalled in the spiritual realm. Ademulegun was recalled. Fajuyi was recalled and in the spiritual realm, they are all crying for vengeance. Awolowo was disgraced with 12 2/3 and we came back to witness June 12, 1993. What are we talking about? We created our problems. Those assassinated are crying for vengeance. If we don't atone for our sins, we are creating problems for ourselves. We are not going to move forward. We must go and beg Chief Mrs. HID Awolowo. She was badly bashed. Her husband was sent to jail and accident was arranged to kill Segun her son. Ever since then, a vengeance angel cursed Nigeria that we would be sacrificing human beings at the altar of politics and it is happening.

There is a spirit called Gerrymander in our modern parlance. We call it rigging. If you go to the spiritual realm, Nigeria is supposed to be Niger area, but in the spiritual realm, they cooked Nineveh and Gerrymander. They took Ni from Nineveh, the city of destruction and geria from Gerrymander, the spirit of rigging. So, that is why the spirit of rigging and political assassinations reigns in our polity. When wickedness and rigging go together, what do you expect?

How do Nigerians atone for these sins?
We must go to Row Park, hold a crusade there and beg God to forgive us. Secondly, we must go to Tafawa Balewa Square because Obasanjo campaigned there and called it operation Tsunami. It was a silly thing to say. Tsunami is all about destruction. He went ahead and fixed May 29 as our Democracy Day. In the Bible, Isaiah 8, 5 says, I would visit you with earthquake. There is power of life and death in the tongue. When we called Tsunami into our polity, what do we expect?

So, at the Tafawa Balewa Square, we would go there for seven-day crusade. Apart from that, we would go to Ore. In those days, many Nigerian souls were wasted at Ore. You also here of Abagana war in the East. It was the hottest there. We need to go there and atone for the lost souls there. The country is so loved by God. Our land should not be stained with human blood. Then we go to Asaba and Onitsha.

What role do you expect government to play?
Beautiful. This is why I decided to come to your newspaper because I know you can get the news out. In the spirit realm, the load of Nigeria is too heavy for Goodluck Jonathan and Namadi Sambo to shoulder. Before election, God said if they in any way force their way, the nation will burn like Sodom and Gomorrah. Has it not happened? Why did we burn in 1966?