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The name Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has become a household product since his days as Deputy Governor of his home Bayelsa State. In spite of challenges here and there he ran the state amicably up to the time he assumed duty as the executive governor.

He was known to be a silent and introvert person, but very focused on anything to do with taking his people and the state to greater heights. He belongs to the type of people that cannot give up so easily once they start a course or an initiative no matter the difficulties they find themselves in achieving their desire. He is a man that has listening ears; who taps on people's experience in any project or programme that will alleviate the suffering of the people.

He was at the crossroads during the time of his former boss' illness because of the challenges he came across from those in the corridors of power at that time. I happened to be among the list of Nigerians who added their voice to the issue of transferring power to him through the Vanguard Community online after a verdict from an Abuja Court on that sensitive issue.

His stewardship faces different challenges from those loyal to the late President Umaru Yar’adua, but because he is political warrior he stood aside, remained silent and watched them at a distance. His only ally by then was Alhaji Yayale Ahmed, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, who guided him on how to burn a meat with cold water. Yayale also advised him to be patient with everything as time will come one day when he is going to find himself ahead of those who deny him his rights to sit properly and realize his desire of taking Nigeria to greater heights.

That is exactly what happened within the few days his boss (Yar'adua) passed on and he subsequently assumed duty as the number one citizen. GEJ, as he is fondly known, later appointed former Kaduna State helmsman, Arch. Mohammed Namadi Sambo, as his deputy. Thereafter, he appointed people of integrity from the nooks and crannies of the country to assist him in running his administration and to enable him contribute his quota to the development of his people.

One of the challenges facing GEJ is the issue of power supply which he promised to look into. Another is insecurity syndrome threatening the growth of the country like a bush fire. Though his government is faced with this syndrome, but some good results are recorded in the petroleum supply system by rehabilitating and building NNPC filling stations across the country that sent black marketers packing while long queues become history.

He contacted or reach out to other nations across the world to assist him on how to redeem the image of the country through every available means that can give way to a sound economy that will make the citizens to be out of poverty, corruption and all menace that has to do with development of the country. He was told by some western nations that he can only achieve his desire through credible and acceptable elections which can give way to votes of masses to speak for them. This is because most of those countries are worried on why other opposition parties cannot win elections after all they always carry the majority.

After careful and sound consultations GEJ appointed Professor Attahiru Jega as the new INEC boss (by then he -GEJ- has no interest of contesting the election or aspiring for any post. He wanted to write his name in the sands of time by conducting credible elections that will be accepted by all and sundry. Unknown to him some of the people surrounding him were not happy about his actions. Therefore, they took it upon themselves to actualize their desire of selling the idea of contesting the polls to him, which they successfully convinced him. Now it is all history, because he had since been declared winner of the presidential poll by INEC after which violence erupted; mostly in northern Nigeria, where the opposition CPC presidential candidate comes from.

One may be right to say that what provoked the youths to come out to protest the outcome of the elections has nothing to do with GEJ in person but his party's (PDP) attitude of not fulfilling its campaign promises to the people. Contributions to and comments in his face book page by most Nigerians suggest that they love GEJ as president, but they are not comfortable with PDP's failed electoral promises and 12 years of misrule. They say most PDP members are not interested in the yearnings and aspirations of the common man, but how to continue making him a slave in his country.

I condemn burning of properties and worship places as well as killing of human begin perpetrated by the violent demonstrators in totality. I think now that God has given Jonathan the mandate to take his country to the promised land, he can do so by creating employment opportunities to our teeming youths who are largely jobless after graduating from schools. He should do this within his first year in office. With his, the issue of insecurity will also gradually become history.

Another problem is corruption which is already eating deep into our nation life. GEJ can only wipe out corruption if he is ready to step on toes because most of those milking our resources today are the elites.

Other challenges before GEJ are brotherliness, cohesion and integration. By this I mean that government should come out with an initiative of bringing Nigerians together as their brother’s keepers, provide good health services, sound educational system, electricity, water supply, roads and boost the economic sector by utilizing our abundant natural and human resources, most especially the agricultural sector.

Alkammawa contribute this piece from Kaduna. He can be reached on: 07030399110 or [email protected]

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