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I am already used to scandals —Bukky Wright, actress

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Sekinat Oluwabukola Ajoke popularly known as Bukky Wright is one Nollywood actress that has created a niche for herself through her acting skills. The radiant and beautiful single mother of two, has always been a delight to watch in movies. After about 15 years of showcasing her talent in the movie industry, the delectable lady has diversified in her career. She is now a writer/ producer, a business tycoon and the CEO/ President of Wright's Media and Associate and Wright's Affair International.

She is also the owner of B-wright label. Doing whatever one wants to do right in life is how she came about her label name which is what we call www today. In this interview, she spoke about acting career, business and life generally.

So you have your own label?
Yes! By God's grace I'm thinking of going into label very soon. When I mean label I am referring to those for shoes, bags and clothes. I intend to start up my own beauty product too.

How do you combine acting and managing a business?
It is by the grace of God and the help of a good management team. My idea and funding of the business could be useless without the aid of good management team. So, I really thank God for them.

What is the secret behind all these?
It all boils down to hard work; believing in yourself; having a dream and being able to pursue it to the best of your capability and God granting you the grace to actualise that dream. The grace of God is what propels whatever we are doing as a man. So, I thank God for every little step I have taken and the success I was able to attain because it is not by my making.

What was your growing up like?
My growing up was good. I am from a polygamous home but it was a fantastic home. We did everything as one. You could hardly differentiate us except if you are told. I really thank God for that.

You act more of Yoruba movies than English recently. Why?
I have no reason in particular. I go to act for anybody that invites me to come and act. But, I produce Yoruba films more because I believe so much in my culture and by doing things in my language I am projecting my culture. There are a lot of people out there who want to watch Yoruba films because they want to learn one or two things about the language or cultural background or some other things. You might think it's a modern movie but in the movie, you will learn a lot of cultural values especially the need to respect our elders.

The culture, is it part of the 'babalawo' and other ritual things shown in the films?
The honest truth is that it is not only in Yoruba films that you see such things. Yoruba culture and African culture generally is traditionally inclined whether we like it or not. Some of these things you are referring to are not particularly on babalawo but our traditional culture. In every society there are gods that people believe in. I won't go against anybody's work. It is what they believe that they write about. A lot of people tell me that I write more on blood related stories, but the truth is that I write about what I believe in. I am working on a traditional movie that will be coming out soon. By the time some people see it, they will say it's about babalawo. But don't forget that if you want to talk on Africa culture, there is no way you will do away with what they refer to as babalawo or the Ifa, Orunmila deities. It now depends on how you project it because in the olden days when anything happens they consult the babalawo because they were seen as the pastors and alfas until these other religions came up. I would rather produce a Yoruba movie than English movie because English is not my language. Yoruba is my language and I want to project it. I want people to learn about my language, that is why I ensure that all my movies are subtitled to ensure that those who do not understand English are accommodated and by so doing, they get to learn the language. If you are observant, you will discover that the lessons that one is expected to learn at the end of the day is that good nature conquers evil deeds. I always want people to see things from the positive side not the negative side of it. I'm a very optimistic person.

Can you recall your journey into the movie world?
It started about 15 years ago with the help of Fidelis Duka who gave me my very first chance. Though, before Fidelis Duka I had done some adverts with Steve Ojo, Doyin Jayesinmi but when you talk of movie, it started with Fidelis Duka.

As a producer how many movies have you produced?
I have been able to produce about seven movies while some are still on the way. Some of the movies include, Owo Ale, Ago Meje, Temi ni Nkem, which is a cross-cultural movie, Agbeke, Remilekun Oluwa, Feranmi Oluwa, Omotara Johnson 1&2. The part three is on the way. The movie Omotara Johnson has been the most challenging because of the efforts that where put in place to make it a better movie and I thank God that it came out well.

Can we share your most embarrassing moment?
Life is full of ups and downs and a lot of things. If you are the kind of person that does not cry over spilt milk, you will just move on no matter the obstacle. But I will not forget the first day I came for auditioning. I was given a script and ordered to deliver. I felt they did not like my face and was bent on embarrassing me. It was then I realised that it was a form of training and today I can be rated as one of the best. I give glory to God. Another experience that shattered me at a point is the way journalists take delight in writing things that are not true. Initially, I was always emotional when I read these things. But with time I became used to it. It does not bother me anymore.

….And your most memorable day?
It was the day I gave birth to by boys, Eniola and Gbenga. It was a beautiful experience that every woman should be looking forward to.

What is your sense of fashion?
My sense of fashion is looking good always. When you intend to look good, it is not always convenient. For instance, you want to wake up in the morning do some hours of exercise, watch what you eat and so many other odd things. Anyone out there that looks good and fit, sacrificed a lot to be beautiful. For me, my own sense of fashion is the ability to look out for what fits you. Wear the make-up that is your colour, clothes that fit your shape and above all, try and be neat always. I am a kind of person that always want to match whatever I wear.

What is the best outfit in your wardrope?
You will find every fashion accessories, but I love shoes so much.

Which of them is the most expensive?
I can't remember, but I go for quality stuffs.

It appears that celebrities take pleasure in coming out half nude. Do you see such dressing as one that should be encouraged?
Dressing half nude could be their own sense of fashion. I won't condemn anybody. Probably they feel that it is the best way they can express themselves. As I said, wear whatever makes you comfortable but be neat.

You are always beautiful even at your age, what is it the secret?
I look for the products that suit my skin and what I wear. I stick to whatever is good on my skin. I wear a lot of moisturizer. I try to eat right and relax. I love doing the right thing and I believe every woman should do the right thing and live right.

How has the movie industry fared in recent time?
Some people will say that the movie industry is about to collapse, while others will tell you that it is getting better. I believe in being optimistic about life. I believe we are going to places with a lot of hard work. It would definitely get better than this. Production wise, we are growing, but in every industry, you will find the good, bad and ugly. It now depends on you as a producer.
It is always easy to condemn those in authority when we are the observers. Until we get there, you now realise that change is a difficult thing.

What are some of the challenges you had as an artist?
Going for an audition and knowing that you have done your best and somewhere some people have their own candidate. You got disappointed after waking up as early as 5am and join a cue with the hope that you will be auditioned, but just for someone to arrive at anytime and be picked for the role and others asked to go. It can be very painful. The truth is if you are good, you will surely be sought after. Just try your best and leave the rest for God.

There are rumours that actresses are made to sleep with producers for roles. Have you ever been sexually harrassed by any producer?
It is left for you as a person to believe in yourself and know the talent you have as a person. You should believe in God that if the producer does not appreciate your talents, another producer will beg you to appear in their movie. The first time I went to Felix for auditioning , he said, “Bukky where have you been”.
In the area of sexual harassement, it lies solely on how one interprets it. If you see the response of your producer as harasement, so be it. If you want to see someone using veto power on you, so be it. If you want to see it as two adults, so be it.

Is there any special project that you are working on?
I am working on a very big project that anytime I look at it I wonder how possible it is going to be. It is a traditional movie and would soon be out.