How I felt when my father wanted to remarry —Jimi Odukoya

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Jimi Odukoya is the second-born of the late popular televangelist, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, who died in a plane crash in 2005. In this interview with YEMISI AKERELE, he talks about some interesting issues, including what he misses most about his late mother

Do you sometimes receive messages or calls from people about how your late mum had impacted on their lives in one way or another?

Yes, I always receive calls and messages from people about how my mum's messages had helped them or changed their lives. Sometimes, they share their experiences with me on the Internet or on the streets. In fact, many, especially the singles, usually call to tell me how her messages had helped them, spiritually and physically.

Could you recall the particular message by your mum that had shaped your life?

Oh! That is an interesting question. I can't really mention any particular one. But beyond this, her lifestyle really motivated me. This is because before she would go out to preach to people, she would first preach the same message to her children. So, for me, a lot of her messages had helped me greatly in life. She worked for the Lord, so her lifestyle really motivated me. I also want to do my best, so that I can make her proud.

How did you receive the news of the death of your mum?

It was very pathetic. I was in school then and she told me she was going to pay me a visit. The last time I spoke with her was on a Thursday and the last time I saw her was in June 2005. So, it was shocking when I heard the news that she died in a plane crash on her way for a ministration two days after our telephone conversation.

What kind of person was she?

She was a lovely and warm person. Also, she was very friendly and was good to us all. So, my father had no regrets bringing her into the family.

Okay, how did you feel when you learnt that your father wanted to remarry?

Honestly, I was excited because he is not too old to get married again. Yeah, he was married to mother and they both loved each other. But now that she is no more, he has to remarry. Apart from this, the Bible says that a man can remarry if his wife dies. My mother also made it clear in all her messages.

But the woman is from South Africa?

There shouldn't be any discrimination about tribes. I believe that what really matters most is the love between the couple. Besides, what a Nigerian can do, she can also do. So, I am okay with that.

Did your parents influence your choice of being a pastor?

It's definitely from my heart. More so, I was brought up in a Christian home. A lot of people think that we must be pastors because our father is a pastor. No, it is not so. My parents brought me to church and preached the words of God to me. But I was called by God to work for Him.

Your mother always advised people to share their problems with her. So, aren't there challenges you are facing as a person now?

Well, I have some people that I confide in. I am not a kind of person that talks to everybody. Any time I have a problem, I share it with my
friends and some pastors and we will all pray and talk together because nobody is perfect.

How is life like as a pastor?

Well, I think being a pastor and a youth is all by the grace of God. But before you can come on the stage to preach the words of God, you should try and search yourself first. The Bible says you should work with your might and spirit and I don't think being in Christ is boring. I have always been meditating on my Bible by letting the words of God be in me.

I understand you are also into music?

Yes, I am into music and business. I am working on some songs, and by God's grace, it will be out soon.

How was your growing up like?

Oh! It was fun because I grew up in a family where there was (still is) so much love. I have my father, mother and sister who loved me. So,

what else do I want when I got all I wanted?