Owerri people need Dr. Kema Chikwe in the Senate

By Harrison Nwozo

Silver Spring, Maryland- March 14, 2011
As the election April election draws closer, Dr. Kema Chikwe has been described as a candidate whose track record will help attract investment and developmental projects to the Owerri zone and Imo state in general.

Head of Dr. Chikwe's campaign in the Diaspora, Harrison “Harry Baba” Nwozo told journalists in the U.S. that Dr. Chikwe will provide quality representation for her people like she did when she was Minister of Transportation, Minister of Aviation and Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland.

Harrison who runs Tribe X Entertainment Group, an award winning event management and marketing consulting firm in Maryland USA, stressed that Dr. Chikwe has the best manifesto among other senatorial candidates seeking election into the Owerri zone.

His words, “I support Dr. Chikwe's initiative to seek better employment, infrastructure, better health and improved security for the people of Owerri once she is elected into office. She also promised to begin with the focus in the areas of industrialization, commerce and tourism development. She is determined and ready to roll up her sleeves for the People of Owerri Zone.”

He explained that Agricultural sector will also be one of her top priorities for Owerri zone adding that the nine local governments in the zone will be the planning units for a balanced and uniform development of the Agricultural Sector. Dr. Chikwe will also develop and promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure through a private sector initiative.

“I stand firmly behind Dr. Kema Chikwe in her quest to restore dignity and pride in Owerri Zone”, he said,” She loves the people of Owerri and they love her. She wants what's best for the Owerri people and I personally pledged to support her in all her efforts now, when she enters office and throughout her term.”

According to him “Dr Chikwe will equally work with other organs of government to create employment for the jobless in Owerri, and the upgrade of Owerri - Umuahia road and Owerri - Okigwe Road. There will be a targeted concentration on inland Water Ways like Oguta Wonder Lake and the ultimate dredging of Nworie River. There will be an unshakable spotlight on education, establishing manufacturing industries, Youth and Women development.”

“Furthermore”, said Harrison, “we can't forget about security and health at all. If elected, by God's grace, we will devote our lives, efforts, and resources to the renewing and rebranding of Owerri Zone. I humbly implore the people of Owerri in Nigeria and the Diaspora to join me in supporting Dr Kema Chikwe to the Senate Seat in Owerri Zone.”

Harrison offered a special message to registered voters, “This April please VOTE for Dr. Kema Chikwe to the Senate. Your vote counts. Together we will restore dignity and respect to Owerri zone.”

On his own part, an indigene of Owerri, now living in the USA, Mr. Osita Unamba, (also a leading member of Harrison Nwozo's Diaspora Campaign Team for Dr. Chikwe), urged the registered voters of Owerri Zone to elect Dr. Chikwe into the Senate , saying she is the candidate that Owerri senatorial zone needs.

Mr. Unamba said, “As a former Minister of Transportation, Dr. Kema Chikwe was responsible for the rehabilitation, functional and operation of the Sam Mbakwe Airport Owerri, which was almost neglected before her appointment. This is why the airport is one of the busiest commercial airports in Nigeria today.”

“I am personally aware of dozens of young men and women from Owerri and other Imo communities that through Dr. Chikwe's assistance are still gainfully employed in various capacities at the Sam Mbakwe Airport Owerri and other companies and agencies around Owerri. She is a passionate and honest politician - which makes her a rare breed in the current Nigerian politics. The Owerri senatorial zone will be lucky to have such an achiever representing

them in the Nigerian Senate.”
He continued, “Electing Dr. Ambassador Kema Chikwe is not only good for Owerri Senatorial Zone, it is the most responsible thing to do, if we are to improve Owerri senatorial zone and gain competitive advantage in comparison with cities in Imo's neighboring states (especially Enugu State , Port Harcourt, Uyo, and Calabar).”

Please log onto http://www.kemachikwe.com.ng/ to read Dr Kema Chikwe's full manifesto and biography.