This Hausa actress again!

By Ameboo
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Ha! Gists about this Hausa actress seem to have no end.

Of course she has been involved in many scandals, but the recent one will win awards if turned into a home video.

A busybody told us the chic was 'doing' two friends at the same time and the two of them suspected no foul play.

The bubble only burst the day Lover A decided to gist Lover B about the babe whom he said was giving 'it' to him any time he wanted 'it' and was so good at 'it'. Lover B told Lover A that he had also been having the same experience with a lady he picked from a club house in Lagos.

A few days later, Lover A went to Lover B's office with the Hausa actress and both men found they were 'doing' the same chick.

Don't ask me what happened next.