Orji Uzor Kalu Open Treat to Abia Governor

By Kingsley Emereuwa
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The attention of Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji has been drawn to recent media utterances as well as plagiarised letter purported to be written to Abia people by the owner of the Progressive Peoples Alliance and former governor of Abia State Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, concerning his open threats on the lives of the governor and members of his family as well the mess in which he (Kalu himself) knew he left the state in 2007. Ordinarily, Governor Orji would have ignored Kalu completely, more so now that the PPA Presidential cum Senatorial flag-bearer is sorrowfully unable to come to terms with his lonely habitation in political wilderness. But records must be set straight.

The governor observes that one hard fact Kalu has refused to come to terms with is that he has exhausted all his bags of tricks and Nigerians are no longer taken in to his pathological lies, as that magic veil that blind-folded many, has since June 28, 2010 fallen off. “It is laughable for a governor who left office with so much liabilities bequeathed to his predecessor to now attempt to play on the people's intelligence. One wonders why it took him so long to find his voice on this issue of the state of indebtedness which he has not responded since it was levelled against him only to come out few weeks to the election to play his traditional old tune of washing away his hands like Pontius Pilate”.

Let him be honest for once in his contemptuous life to admit as at the time he left office how much he owned local contractors; how many months' salaries/arrears were owned staff of Local Governments and Pensioners; how much over-draft he had taken. Kalu should tell Nigerians how much debt his own newspaper Daily Sun till date claims his administration in its wild goose presidential project incurred which payment he handed over in 2007, as well as those owned other media Houses?

Nigerians will recall that this was the same “sharp” role he thinks he is playing now, that he wanted to play when he tried to use his party to heap the then myriad of challenges facing the state to which he and his family members contributed to, on an innocent governor. A move that ironically turned out to be his greatest albatross for which he remains mortally wounded. Kalu can fool some people sometimes, but he cannot fool everybody all the time.

On the issue of the petition before the security agencies for which he as natural with him is denying, Governor Orji is not surprised. And Nigerians especially Abia people are not new to such antics. Like the rainbow character he is known as, he may forget easily his penchant for making unguarded and inflammatory comments which he turns back to deny. Did he not show similar character when he brazenly and loosely accused Chief Tony Anenih of plotting to kill him? In the next breath he ran to Oba of Benin to save him as he was later seen prostrating and asking for forgiveness. Well as a then governor, he may hide under immunity and run his mouth as a cannon folder, but to threaten the life of a sitting governor, he must be investigated, which is only what the petition is all about. Any other way he paints it to get undeserved sympathy, remains his headache.

What of his childish and pedestrian allegations against Imo State Governor for moving his State out of his strangle-hood, and when the State House of Assembly invited him to substantiate same, he took to his heels and only got temporary succour from the court before sending emissaries to broker a truce. It is shameful that a man who openly boasted that he is a CIA agent and will stop at nothing in killing the governor and his son will now turn round to allege that he is being framed up. That was the same way he threatened the governor of Imo State when the latter left his PPA. So Nigerians should ask him what sort of coincidence he is facing.

Governor Orji is urging Abia Indigenes to only take Kalu as what he truly represents in their lives-a past sour-phase which no reasonable Abian will want to remember. The governor also wants the people of the state not to be disturbed by the recent deliberate editorial bias of Kalu's paper since whoever pays the piper calls the tune, adding that soon, just as the paper ran out of its mandatory kidnap stories generated to taint the State bad, the “meat” of today in the newsroom will be a thing of the past tomorrow when it will definitely be overtaken by events.

Kingsley Emereuwa
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor