BIGSAM... My stand, Charles Novia and his outburst

Charles Novia
Charles Novia
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I've always admired Charles Novia. He was one of the earliest producers I met when I was starting journalism in 2003 under the great Mr. Femi Akintunde Johnson (FAJ). I won't forget his movie, Missing Angel and his strive to do things in different ways.

But without trying to come across as disrespectful, I believe he was wrong in his assessment of the top stars. It is actually true that stars come and go, but the factor responsible for turnover of artistes have nothing to do with being over-used.
Nollywood has come to this sorry state because the producers major on the minor and minor on the major. Imaging someone like Omotola playing the role of a 15 year old girl!

Let me explain the dilemma of the top stars. They are tired of playing the same roles, working on familiar scripts; going through same plots and watching their dear Nollywood take a downward trajectory. Genevieve, Omotola and Jim Iyke said that much in the last interview they granted us. But they can't call it quit with the rat race because they've got bills to pay. If they keep rejecting roles without any other source of income, they will starve. And that is why you find most of them setting up various business ventures because they want to have a choice.
People are not tired of the faces, namely Omotola, Genevieve, Emeka Ike and the rest. They are only tired of same story, same plot and boring dialogue. RMD was almost on every movie cover sometime ago, but we still love him.

It is an obvious fact that stars come and surely they will go. Otherwise, talented acts like Babara Soky, Liz Benson, Regina Askia and the likes would have remained on the scene. The reason behind their exit wasn't because they were over-used. What does over-used actually mean? Aren't these people actors who are supposed to be acting? I don't understand what over-used means.

Will Smith of America is one of the most over-used actors compared to the rate others appear in movies. Yet, he still commands respectable audience. Critics nearly crucified him for taking part in Hancock, but the movie defiled all boundaries and is raking in millions today. Artistes don't fade because they are overused; they fade because their time is up.

In the first place no producer is forced to use any of these people. Tade Ogidan, Tunde Kelani and Amaka Igwe, who have reputation for good movies, still use the so called A-list and their movies still sell. Let the producers and directors polish their acts, the actors will also improve.

There is one thing Mr. Novia said that is right, one, we are tired of same story and looking forward to something that is new and challenging. The actors will not turn to script writers and producers. Let the producers do their work and look for the artiste that fits the bill. I rest my case. of course, they can reject wishy-washy scripts, but where will the next meal ticket come from?