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• Galadima
Former NFA chairman and nominee for the CAF/FIFA Executive Committee position, Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima, says he is not desperate for the position and never lobbied to be so nominated, hence his confusion over the unnecessary controversy the matter has generated.

Galadima told reporters in Lagos, during a recent visit that he was merely concerned at what becomes of Nigeria's image, as the current controversy has repeatedly made Nigeria look like a corrupt nation.

'No one was born a CAF/FIFA executive member and no one will so die, so why must we bicker over something that we know the end from the beginning. 'If Dr Amos Adamu wins his appeal, so be it, but his supporters should stop making the world believe that Galadima is so desperate for that position, because, I never nominated myself and I was the one who nominated and sent Adamu's name the last time he went for the polls in Nigeria.

Couldn't I have sent my own name, like Ghana FA boss, Kwesi Nyanthaki did?' Galadima, again praised the media for standing on the side of the truth and declared that he would be the first to congratulate Adamu, if he wins his appeal.

'If he wins his appeal, we'll celebrate with him but the question is supposing he does not win, would it not have been too late for Nigeria to make a push for the position?

The former NFA chairman, said he was a bit taken aback by the comments of present Sports Minister, Taoheed Adedoja, whom he said had reduced the contest to an ethnic and media war by backing Adamu because he is from the same state with him and also castigating the media for reporting the truth.

' I also know Prof Adedoja very well and the relationship dates several years back but at times, the way these things work are very strange and shocking, otherwise how could he have accused the media of being behind Adamu's travails, when as I learnt, the media in Nigeria, even tried to help him out. We have a long way to go in Nigeria.'