My only regret –Tuface

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Many people may think that R and B singer, Tuface Idibia regrets having many women and kids in his life, but the crooner told Life and Beat that he was a responsible father and as such, “I am not going to deny my kids. I have accepted them as mine and I am willing to take care of them because I love them.”

However, Tuface has a major regret. He disclosed this during the press conference for his new album, Enter The Place.

“I regret smoking and drinking. That is my biggest regret. I have (made) some mistakes, but those two are the worst.”

Although he regrets drinking, the crooner does not seem to be in a hurry to stop the habit.

Minutes after his lamentation, the African Queen crooner bought a bottle of Red Label whisky and boozed away.

Meanwhile, a lot of criticism is trailing the new album. Many believe the four-tracker, which contains three songs and one skit, does not qualify to be called an album.

But Tubaba explained, “It is boldly written on the CD jacket that Enter the Place is a promo album. This is how it is done abroad and I am an international artiste. I am expected to follow international trends. The album is only meant to whet peoples' appetite.” The full album will be out soon.”