I’m Not Scared Of Marriage

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Top fuji artiste, Wasiu Alabi Ajibola Pasuma, who has just returned from a three-month tour of the United States of America, spoke about the tour, his marriage plan, welcome dance on Sunday and other issues

Q: Welcome back home from the United States of America. How was the tour? A: Thank you and nice to see you again. The tour was nice and successful. We went to the United States and are now back home. There are no regrets whatsoever.

Q: You have always been dreaming of going to the United States of America. Now that you have been there, how do you feel?

A: I thank God. Unlike before, I am now an international artiste and my level has changed. If I feel like travelling now, all I will do is pick my passport, buy a ticket and travel out of the country. I am a different Pasuma now.

Q: Can you compare the past to the present?

A: I am now a changed person, having paid my dues. So, if I am junketing around the world, no sweat. It is not by my power. I thank God Almighty for that.

Q: You have not played in a big-time concert despite your trips. How soon do we expect that?

A: You know that God's time is the best. In the past, I was dreaming of going to the United States of America, but now I have been in and out of the US. The big-time concert will come naturally.

Q: Whenever you travel out of the country, you always come back with one thing or the other. In the past it was Lincoln Navigator, now it is Chrysler 300 car. What is the magic?

A: God is the magic. I always want to get the record of any of my tours straight. The car is as a result of my three-month tour. So, I thank God.

Q: Is it from music.

A: Yes, that is Nigeria for you. If you travel abroad without coming back with anything tangible, tongues will wag, just as it is about my house and that will be settled very soon because I don't want just a house, but one that people will appreciate and say this is Pasuma's house. You know that I have taste. I always pray to God for a good house and I know God will answer my prayer.

Q: You have a fleet of cars, kids from different women and a house on the way. Don't you think something is missing in you?

A: Yes, you know what I mean.

I know you have been troubling me about this. In fact, some people visited my mother, Alhaja, to persuade me to get married, marriage is a lifetime contract. I don't want to get in and get out of it. So, I am taking my time to get married. I don't want anybody to push me and I don't want to push myself either. It is a lifetime project which, whether I like it or not, I will get married one day.

Q: Are you scared of marriage?

A: I am not scared of marriage, it is a must and I will definitely do it one day.

Q: Is it any of the mothers of your kids?

A: Don't worry, I can tell you -with every sense of honesty, that it is going to be next year.

Q: Next year, when will your next year end?

A: It is next year. I am doing the introduction this year and I will not tell you who the bride is, but it will be next year.

Q: I learnt you are embarking on a hip hop album project, why hip hop?

A: I decided to do a hip hop album because I want to show my versatility. Some hip hop artistes have featured me in their albums, so it will not be a bad idea to feature them in my album too. In the album, I am featuring D'banj, Eedris Abdulkarim, Ruggedman, 9ice, and others. I can assure you that I will have a good album. The album is Pasuma's production but I will get a marketer for it. This will not disturb my December-December tonic for my fans from the stable of Sarolaj Production.

Q: What of the talent hunt programme?

A: Well, God is in control, that is my own contribution to the fuji music industry. I wanted to use the opportunity of OHUN, the talent hunt programme, to discover talented fuji artistes. It is an unbiased programme and it will go down in history that I am the first fuji artiste that has encouraged others.

Q: We learnt that the management of Sarolaj Records and Films is organising a welcome dance for you at the White House on Sunday, what do you expect?

A: I want my fans to come and enjoy good music and a rejuvenated Pasuma.