What would make you divorce your wife?

Source: VIVIAN ONYEBUKWA and RACHAEL AGUNTA - Nigeriafilms.com

Divorce is on the increase. Couples no longer tolerate or bear with one another. Love too has eluded the homes. At every slightest provocation, marrriages break up, what would make this people divorce their wives. Below are their responses.

Kehinde Adediji
Generally, people think that infidelity is the major source of divorce, but I tell you that living with a nagging woman in a home is hell. Our culture entails that a woman should be submissive to the husband and where my wife disobeys the husband, hates in-laws, relatives and friends, I will not take it. A man would always want to be on top. It does not augur well when a woman wants to challenge that authority. I will prefer that my wife uses a cosmetic approach to address me when we have issues rather than prove that she is tough. If she does, marriage will not work out between us.

Nzube Obidiaso
Divorce is not good even though there are situations that would arise in a home and the best soultion will be for the couple to separate. That notwitstanding, the only thing that would make me divorce my wife is if I find out that she is dating another man. Apart from this, I will not divorce her. All marriages have challenges. So, I am ready to face mine when they come.

Abiodun Taiwo
It is not as easy as one would think. Nobody prays for a broken home. If my wife misbehaves, I will try to look at it. If there was an issue we had before the incident, which we did not settle, I will see it as the reason for her misbehaviour. I will take it easy with her. No matter what she does, I will give her time to repent.

Arinze Adigwe
If my wife is into witchcraft, I will not leave her in my home. There is nothing a witch cannot do. She may even extend her activities to her husband and children. So, if she does that, I will divorce her. Also, if she steals outside, such that would disgrace and bring shame to my family name, I will divorce her. Worst of it all, if she tries to poison me and I find out, I will ask her to leave.

Malachy Ani
I don't think that there is anything that would make me divorce my wife. As a Christian, even if she commits adultery and comes to me for forgiveness, I will not hesitate to forgive her. If I don't, God will not forgive me either.

Abuchi Okeke
The only thing that will make me divorce my wife is if I catch her on my matrimonial bed with another man. Apart from this, nothing is enough for me to do that. We all have our weaknesses. I should use her good side to cover the bad side.

Ibeanu Obi
I can't think of something that would make me divorce my wife. We are supposed to tolerate each other, as nobody is above mistakes. On this note, I can't divorce her.

Obinna Anoduade
If I have a proof that she is having extra marital affairs, I will not hesitate to divorce her. Even the Bible says that men can divorce their wives for that reason. If I also get some information that she is trying to kill me, I will divorce her. I will not also tolerate a woman that has a bad character.

Felix Nwankwo
If I am having a problem with her and it gets to a point that I will not go home without being afraid of what her action would be, if it gets to the level of suspecting that she would poison my food, I will divorce her. If I also catch her on my matrimonial bed with another man, she does not even need me to divorce her before she leaves my home. Common sense should do that because if I catch her, she would be as good as a dead woman.

Uzochukwu Adieme
If she attempts to poison me and I find out, I will divorce her right away. If she also sleeps around with my friends, I will not look back to divorce her.

Thomas Adesina
Women are good and fun to be with but if you fall into the hands of a bad woman, you will divorce her at every little opportunity that comes. I will not like my wife to nag. If she does, I will leave the home for her. God helping me, if she has not given me a child, I will relocate to another area. I will divorce her right away. Again, a woman that flirts can do anything. If I discover that my wife flirts for no reason, I will divorce her.

Joe Effiong
If I discover that we are not compatible, and after doing everything to make it work but it does not work, I would divorce her. This is because I cannot afford to be a sranger in my house. I want to be happy and relaxed at home, but if I am not, then there is no point living with that woman under the same roof.

Jasper Okoro
The last thing I would do is to go to a native doctor to do charms. Therefore, I would not expect my wife to do same. If your wife begins to visit a native doctor, then your life is in danger. Therefore, I can't continue to live with her.

David Nzama
Two captains cannot be in the same ship. My wife must recognise me as the head of the home and respect me. If she thinks she is too big and probably rich to behave anyhow, then there is no reason to live with me. She should go and rent her own house and become the lord there. Ther are women who are uncontrollable and can put one into trouble. How a can a man live with that kind of woman in the house? For me to live long, it is either she leaves the house or I leave.

alex moses
To me I think it is only adultery and stealing that the Bible points as the only way to divorce your wife or husband.
I have asked myself such question and I do give my self an answer; that I will accept her if she confesses and if I see remorse in her, then I will accept her back.
So, to me I will only divorce her if she finds it so hard to accept her mistakes.
Divorce is not in my dictionary.

Isaac okoh
Nothing in this life will push me to divorce my wife.
You know as a member of Assemblies of God Church,our marriage is for better and for worse, though nobody prays for worse. Even if there is anything bad in her life, I will help her change but not to divorce her.