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Where did you get the name Azadus?

Acronym of a zealous person, an unbowed soldier.

Could it be that your name is Hazardous to label owners as nothing has been heard from you for years?

No it's not. The name has nothing to do with the word 'hazard', it's like any other name. In Nigeria, we have a group named “Earthquake”, same in U.S where they have “Havoc.” On my hibernation, a king that comes out on every occasion, settles every matter, and so on, easily loses relevance. In fact, villagers will know number of regalia he has (laughs). This analogy applies to Azadus as a king of music.

When naira had a bit of value, it was reported that Kennis Music gave you N3million in royalty, what happened to it?

(Laughs) Kennis gave far more than N3m, though not in cash. God used the label to promote me and several other artists. As a matter of policy, Kennis gave us our due quarterly.

Is it true you blew it on booze and babes?

I'm not a wasteful spender, neither am I a saint, I do everything moderately. I don't favour people based on gender, but on a person's needs. I gave out more of my royalties than spend it on me.

So, what has been happening to you all these years?

I've been praying for more wisdom, knowledge and understanding as God has been on my side. But then, I can't be releasing albums every time. Even while I was underground, I never stopped praying and working over. By God's grace, Azadus will rise again, soonest in fact.

Do you sometimes wish your songs, videos were out there competing with those happening now?

I have no competitor all over the world, now or in future, my songs and videos will always be on top, even after I'd left this world.

When should we expect something from you?

June unfailingly.

It's been reported that you've reached your peak, do you believe so?

Never, I've not. That may be after I've dropped my last song on earth.

Are you married?

Yes, and God has been faithful. In fact, He blessed us with a bouncing baby boy last month.

How are you coping with your marriage?

Nobody can do anything without God's consent, He has been the head of our family, we have no cause to fight. In fact, it has never happened since we got married.

The industry is hot now, do you think you are missing out as guys now making
hundreds of thousands from shows?

How can a king miss out when he knows that he has the final say in all issues?

It's been a while that I've appeared in shows, the king, Azadus, will come in his glory very soon.

What's your relationship with Kennis like now?

Very cordial, they give me support anytime I need it.

Are you still on the label?

No, but in spirit, we are together.

What is the name of the new label you are working with?

The name will be mentioned during the launching of my new album.

Did you protest your exclusion from major projects by Kennis?

They never excluded me from their projects, major or minor, they invite me anytime they have projects and if I'm not too busy, I honour them.

Your educational background

I didn't go to school. If I had gone to school, I would have been a fool because my mind would have strayed. It used to when I was young. Thank God for using my experience to teach me all that I know today. Take me on any topic, I am informed. Speak any grammar, I shall understand, but then I no go school at all.

Does it not bother you that you didn't go to school?

There's more to my life that I should bother myself over not going to school. Though I regret it, life has to go on. When I am ready to study, there are schools all over.

How do you handle your female admirers?

I'm very focused. Even pastors and imams have female admirers. I try not to hurt anybody.

You sound biblical, you plan to be a pastor in future?

I hope so. In fact I would be grateful to God if I eventually become a pastor.