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Saraki`s Rigging Methodology In Kwara State Revealed

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There is no doubting the fact that the man popularly called 'Oloye' Dr Olusola Abubakar Saraki is so ill according to our sources close to the house. He is said he can hardly identify people around him. This has been why in recent days, the campaign and  confidence tempo of the anointed next governor, Senator Gbemisola Saraki has been on the ebb;  

  That was sincerely an aside. The main issue is about the grand design and rigging infrastructure of the old foxy politician who has anointed his daughter to be the first fully fledged elected governor in Nigeria. One whose children (Dr Bukola Saraki and Senator Gbemi Saraki) would be the first siblings of the same father to be elected governors in Nigeria. We gathered that has been the secret last wish of the former Senate Leader in the second Republic;  

  According to one of the main men in the old Saraki rigging infrastructure who is in one of the camps set up by the outgoing governor, Bukola Saraki, to wrest the PDP ticket in the state, without respect to the feelings of the people of Kwara South whose turn ordinarily it is to produce the next governor going by the zoning arrangement in the state;  

  There are certain polling booths where the Saraki political clan hold so sacrosanct so long as the Federal Government in power is in tandem;   The political clan has so perfected its acts for rigging elections from these booths. Since we believe it is time to be really democratic and going by the promises of Professor Attahiru Jega to give us a free and fair election, then we feel there is need to expose and correct these diabolical acts to make the elections in 2011 conform with standards in other states and other parts of Kwara State.  

  We want Kwara INEC to scrutinise every polling booth locations, particularly in the metropolis of Ilorin. There are   locations in the town where multiple boxes are usually placed in a single booth and each of these are in strategic locations in places of traditional hierarchy such as the Emir's palace, the   Baloguns compounds, the Alanguas compounds, the Saraki political office in Olorunsogo, the Fulani camps and other similar isolated villages in Kaiama, Baruten, Ifelodun, riverine areas of Edu, Lafiagi and Asa Local Government Areas. It is from these locations that results more often come late in each election to determine how much is added to determine the final results that will be announced.  

  That was the situation in 1979, 1983, 1999, 2003 and 2007. These are the media of always upturning   the true pattern of elections in the state. We call on Kwara INEC to study the locations that will be earmarked as voters registration centers to ensure compliance with INEC guidelines on the locations of these polling booths. Opposition political parties too should be the vanguard of these revelations which if done will make it impossible for a substandard candidate as governor.  

  No polling booth should be allowed to be located in private residential places. Where schools and other public facilities are not available, measures should be put in place for better appropriate sheds to be constructed. On no occasion shall two ballot boxes be allowed to be located in the same apartment or voting arena during the elections and none of these shall be in locations hideous to voters.  

  With these measures, we will for the very first time witness a situation where the votes of the people of Kwara will for once count and we can have true democracy and not the government of nominating sub-standard human beings representing us in all facets of the democratic structure from the Senate, to the House of Representatives, to the Governorship, House of Assembly and the local government councils.    

  By Ayodeji Oladunjoye