By Alonge Michael
Mr. Pee Bankong
Mr. Pee Bankong
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Rich Rockers Entertainment is at it again, as she getting set to stage once again her campaign against crime, tagged musician against crime, first launched on the first of October 2007 with a command performance: Lecture and musical performances by same selected artiste and supported by the Lagos State Police Command.

The occasion marks a new beginning in the effort towards crime prevention in the country. DG inside source reveals that the company is planning a very grand 2nd edition ceremony of this very laudable program. As part of this preparation, we are told that Rich Rockers Entertainment in collaboration with the Nigerian Police Force and with the support of the Hon. Minister of Information and Communication, through the Image project is about to embark on a tour of campus across the country in an effort towards sensitizing the youth of the essence of crime prevention and to set up an anti-crime club in these campus as a platform to improving the social standard of the youths of this country.

We were also informed that some corporate organizations are already indicating interest in sponsoring the project but negotiation may still be on with the organizers.

“It's without gainsaying the fact that this initiative is actually a step at the right direction and any well meaning citizen of this great country should applaud and support it, we would appeal to the corporate community as well as governments and individuals to rise up and support this wonderful Idea.” One of the organizers informed.

In a brief chat with the President of Rich Rockers entertainment Mr. Pee Bankong, he said it was premature for him to comment on the matter but assured us that arrangements were on with the relevant authorities and that he would, at the proper time, brief the press on the developments.

However, he confirmed his companies' commitment toward broadening the scope of their campaign against crime which had started since last year.
In his words “There is no better way of reaching the youths other than the medium of entertainment. Let's all embrace it.” He concluded.