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Do You Honor the Holidays?

By Melanie Miller
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Do you pay homage to the holidays, do you prefer to celebrate Chanukah or Kawanzaa day or Christmas day? Do you even believe in any of these days? Do you feel they are a day or days for celebrating Santa or toys and gifts or even believe that this is a day to celebrate Christs' birthday? This is if you believe in his exsistance, this is to say.

I found out that Christ was not born on Christmas day at all, that it was not the dead of winter, when mother Mary and Joseph, her rightfully wedded husband left to find shelter, in a barn or stable.

Do you feel Christmas is all about giving each other gifts, or cakes and brownies, and drinking egg nog and getting a gentle kiss under the mistle toe? What does the holidays mean to you anyways?

Christmas and other holidays are a time for caring and sharing, and Kawanzaa day is just as important as any other holiday is as well. So if you enjoy Christmas, why not celebrate other festive holidays as well, such as the Chinese New Year, too?

You can give out gifts any time of the year really, plus birthdays too, but some folks do not believe in celebrating birthdays, and although I attend church services, at this particular church, they do not believe in celebrating Christmas or other holidays and they have their own passover day as well. If you like to attend church and believe that it is fine to celebrate Christmas and or Chanukah and Kawanzaa day, then this is your right, to do so. I am part Jewish and like to celebrate Chanukah the most, although I do hand out presents on Christmas day. I am not a christian but more of the wiccan faith, and I do believe in many deities, not just one big God that created everything. There are many folks in this world that may feel the same way that I do and I attend services, mainly to see and visit with my friends whom do not know that I am of the wiccan faith. I light a candle on Christmas and on Chanukah, eight candels and celebrate it yearly, the Chanukah days, eight to be exact and drink grape drink and make unleavened bread myself. I also make some of my own gifts such as knit a sweater or a scarf and hand out as presents to friends and family members alike. I also buy and give wigs to consignment stores, not for profit, but so women that are in need of wigs, if they under gone cheomotherapy or radiation treatments, can have a wig(s) to wear. I take new clothing and donate it as well to places that need clothing to give to children, and donate cash as well, every Christmas day, and before the holidays. I do not want even a thank you, just knowing I have gave to others from my heart, is thank you enough and some times, I even donate food so others will not go hungry. I do my part to help others out, in their time of need and once, I bought gifts and wrapped them all up myself and bought a plastic 4 ft. tree and plus food and gave to a needy family. I do not want praises for it, but I later found out, the child was 5 and never had a Christmas before and said, "I was so happy to get gifts for the very first time in my life!" His mother cried happy tears. I also slipped in a fifty dollar bill to the family and I am sure they could pay a bill with it too. I love to help many out and even gave someone a hundred dollar bill last Christmas to pay their gas bill, even though I was in need of the money, they needed it more then I did. I am just glad in my heart to help others and I hope many people whom read this, will help others out in their time of need, so keep the spirit of the holidays alive in your heart and do your part to help others.

the end.