I’m ready for marriage but...— Kween Onokala

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Fast rising Nigerian female act, Queen Chinyere Onokala, most popular in the music circuit as Kween, is certainly not giving anything to chance when it comes to radiating colours on stage with her dazzling acts.
The sensational singing bird and fashion designer believes that music and fashion not

Queen Chinyere Onokalaonly compliment each other, but are interwoven and combine favourably to give top class entertainment.

As a performing female artiste with professional fashion sense, Kween revealed in an interview with our correspondent that she always find the need to look good for her to perform well on stage.
According to her, Fashion and music go together.

“They are interwoven and since I'm professionally involved in doing both, I need to look good to perform well. I need to look good to represent my brand. I need to look good to say who Kween is” she said.

On how she copes with combining music and fashion, the actress gushed: “I love them all because they are both forms of the art.

I am a very creative person. I'm into music and fashion and I have been practicing both trades professionally for about a decade now. I see them complimenting each other and I enjoyed doing them.

I benefit equally from them and I don't see any one of them affecting the other as far as I am concerned.

The important thing is that I apportion equal time and due attention to both of them. I have my time to do fashion and come up with designs as well as attend to my customers and fashion out-fit, 'Kween Fashion'.

I also have my period for rehearsals and playing shows when ever they come my way and I feel good doing both.”

Curiously, she revealed that she is not making any money practicing both arts. “I really don't care wether I make money from them. I'm just passionate doing them and I give them all my time and equal attention.”

“Since I have been in the music industry, I have not made any money. But I'm not complaining because it is not about the money but my act and the passion I have for them. When ever the money comes, I see it as an added bonus. So I can survive without the money from music.

Though still very single, the fashion crazy Kween revealed that she would love to get married some day at God's time. “I am not married. I will love to do so some day but the guy is not available yet. When he comes across, I will grab him for marriage” she intoned.