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The Federal Government's recent decision to remove the ban placed on the importation of certain goods such as textiles, and automobiles of over fifteen years old  and other classes of imports continues to define the incoherent and inchoate character of the country's public policy from 1960 till date.

The main reason one can adduce to these latest policy reversal of government on importation is the inefficiency of the Customs and Excise department.  Hence as a result of this the future and survival of local industries must be jeopardized and compromised because of the sloppiness of a fully funded government parastatal.

It should be stated that the latest decision of the government on the removal of the ban placed on certain goods is unwise. The reasons and logic behind the removal is at best specious. It is a known fact that the cost of doing business or manufacturing in Nigeria is still very high.

There is no way goods produced or manufactured in Nigeria can compete favourably with imported goods, which enjoy the advantages of low cost of production no matter how high the amount of levies or taxes placed on such imported goods.

The opening up of Nigerian borders for all manner of goods which are produced or can be produced in the country to swarm into the country is akin to passing a death sentence on local industries. Until the debilitating factors working against the survival of local industries such as dearth of physical and social infrastructure in the country are tackled frontally by government, it will still continue to be a game of musical chairs.

Babs Iwalewa, Kaduna.