By Ebun Babalola
Toyin Odedun, aka Mama T
Toyin Odedun, aka Mama T
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Can we know you?
My name is Toyin Adewale popularly known as Mama T or Toyin Odedun.
For how long have you been into acting?

I have been in the entertainment industry since 1998.

What motivated you into coming to entertainment industry?

It is an in-born thing. I have been acting ever since I was a kid. I started in primary school up to this point, I am still acting.

What really lured you into this...?

Well after my secondary school. I tried my best to sit for Joint Admission Matriculation Board for two to three times but all to no avail, although, my WAEC was favourable, I could not do anything than to go to a vocational school where I obtained diploma certificate in Theatre Art.

It is called Romak Institute of Vocational Studies and I spent two years there.
Tell us your experience in Romak

Well, there is no much to say. It was just an avenue for me to showcase my talent. I started commercial acting in Romak so all my days there were just for practical.

How was your experience like, the first time you faced the crowd?

I am a shy person, but when I'm acting, I forget my shyness totally.

Compare your work with your role as a wife?

Acting is a fun but very hectic. It is time consuming. One does not have the time to do some other things but that does not disturb my role as a woman. I live up to my expectation in the home and my husband is always proud of me. If I am acting, I face it squarely, there is no time to go partying.

Are you saying you don't have fun?

I do but not like having it real.

What real?

You should understand that, if there is no work, one's social life goes rocky.

How long does your rehearsal take?

Our rehearsing know no boundary. When I was in Romak, we were always performing. You know when you are doing something that you enjoy doing. you hardly remember some other things. So rehearsal comes all the time as well as the performances but certainly, there is always time to relax in-between.

How to you relax?

There are so many ways to relax. We play games, read, and so on.

How do you want to judge the rumour that some of the female artists sleep their ways to the top?

I have always been hearing it, but I don't know about it because it has never happened to me. I have never slept my way to the top. It is my handy work that brought me to where I am.

And for artists who fall in love with themselves...

I don't think there is problem in that. The fact that they are in the same profession does not mean they cannot fall in love. There is no crime in that, provided the love is there.

What is your secret as a producer's choice?

I don't have any secret. For a producer to have chosen me, it means I must have done something that a producer loved, may be after watching me performing in a movie.

Is it not about short cutting your...

Not at all. It is far from it.

Don't you think, your outlook also, added advantage?

I wouldn't say my beauty alone, I think my talent does. Although, if you are talented but not beautiful ,there might be a little problem. For me, it is my talent, beauty and training. God has really helped me.

Are you saying that those that are beautiful are privileged?

If you are beautiful and not talented, there is no way for you. Even if you are beautiful and talented, you have to be well trained so that you will know the etiquette of the job. It is not all about beauty, it is what you can deliver.

Your style

I am an African woman. I prefer African print. I wear more of ankara in different style and I like to tie gele all the time.

Is like you pick your jewelry

I am a jewelry frick and I make sure that I go for jewelry that are in vogue but I don't go beyond my boundary.

Does your style has anything to do with your role?

That has to do with the producer. My dressing certainly does not have anything to do with my role. If I'm asked to play a student role, I will do it.

Who do your costume?

At times I do my costume and I charge the producer on whatever costume I come up with.

How do you fine-tune a location and for how long does it take to agree on such location?

It is left to the director to decide.For us there is no argument because we believe that before a director could come up with a particular location, he must have done a good research.

What about your marital life?

I am blessed with three loving children, two boys and a girl. I've been married for the past 15 years.

Artists sometimes find it funny when it comes to marital bliss?

Of course there is no marriage that does not experience ups and downs but God has always been on my side. But I want you to know that for those you are not favourable, it is not their making. The fact that I keep my home is not by my making. Even for me, there has been ups and downs but there had never been a morning, that I wake up and say I want my marriage to crash.

Who is your husband?

He is a movie director. His name is Adewale. They call him S.A. Adewale and he also acts once in a while. He is loving man and very tolerant.

Being tolerant

Yes, there are some funny things I do but he shaves it. Sometimes he will call me and say, you know I am older than you are so don't do that again and I will say yes sir.

How do you cope with your homely responsibilities?

Thank God for God. My mother-in-law and my mother, my house help and other people around me. If I am not at home one or more people are there to take care of my children.

Your education background

I went to Romak Vocational Institute. Lagos State Polytechnic for Business Studies. Alongside, I have done some other vocational programme surrounding my profession.

Would you want any of your children to take after you?

Hum, I always say that the will of God should come to pass in their lives.
Your advise

My advise will go to every woman especially to the artists. If you are a known face, please try as much as possible to pray very well because it is not easy. And being a wife, one has to be submissive. Don't change your mode of trying just be yourself. Don't say because you are a star, then you will not listen to your husband again.