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Heaven on Earth

By Melanie Miller
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Is there heaven on earth, or is this hell we live in? Some folks may agree we are in our last final days and some feel this is true paradise we humans dwell on. I think heaven is what you make it.

If for one, you are good to others, good things will occur in your life. And...if you are a wicked or an ill mannered individual, hell may be in your life. You need to be kind to others and the Gods/ Goddesses will see to it, you have a long and healthy life. There are many skeptics that do not even believe in heaven let alone hell.

I have spoken to many folks and some people told me they did not care if they went to heaven or to hell, and some people told me, ' as long as I have money, who cares where I land!" what a shame to hear those words coming from someone. This woman, I spoke to... works in a store and seemed like a nice lady to me but she does not even care if she lands in hell or heaven.

I used to know of someone that I was friends with for a long time and she told me people do not care these days if they will go to hell or not, and she was right! There are Jehovah Witnesses' that feel and believe in their heart, that they will return to earth again and it will be a paradise, for day, and even for the animals, they believe will dwell on earth according to many of them. They do not believe animals have a soul, and will not enter heaven. This I found out on my own, and I beg to differ, I feel animals have a soul and go to heaven just like many people will one day.

There is such a thing called Judgement Day and we must all be judged accordingly. Whether it be one God or many Gods that judge this I do not truly know. I do however believe there are many gods and goddesses, and many Wiccan and Pagans worship other gods and goddesses, such as I do as I am of the Wiccan Faith. I have been wiccan for many yrs. now, and feel indeed there are many deities in this world. They may even live in the heavens above and yes..I do believe there is a heaven but heaven I personally feel can be right here on earth as well.

The Indians believe that the sun is a god, did you know this one? I would love to go to an Indian resorvation one day, as my cousin Debbie used to go to them and met her soul mate there. He is of the Indian faith and has his own beliefs but I won't mention what his beliefs are.

To each there own I say! Worhsip whomever you desire and this god or goddess may make your like heavenly, while you are on this earth, we all know as home, and a dwelling.

There are many wicked people on this earth too, and if they do not mind their ways, they may not see heaven one day, they may not go to a nice place after they take leave of this heavenly earth. I do feel that heaven is a part of earth and that many Gods or Goddesses created this earth. I am glad that there are trees, and seas and mountians and other beautiful things, that wore created for humans to admire, adore and love...

So, we should all be thankful and be gracious to the Gods or Goddesses that created this planet, and I do believe there are other forms of intelligent life, on other planets, but this is entirely a different story, and I feel that if there is one god, why not be many gods and other goddesses. I believe in Aphrodites and even seen her once while casting a good spell and the spell came true for me...I got the man of my dreams and we have been together for a decade now, nearly this.

She is a wonderful Goddess and I feel and believe she lives in the waters, the earth, everything around us is her, and that she origninated from the Heavens above. She is full of honesty, and true love for her followers and I believe she may even be ''Mother Earth'' as well. Well folks, I hope you enjoyed my article, I enjoyed writing it, and if you agree or disagree with what I have all said, it is up to you really, not for me to tell you how to these are merely thoughts and feelings, I have. You may read my newest book to come out soon entitled, "Melanies's Witchy World" My other book is called, Cadillac Cruising by Melanie L. Miller, and another book of mine is full of all my poems called, "Melanie's Paradise of Poetry." This book has been on the market for a while now. If you would like to send me a comment(s) about any of my stories or articles or poems, you may do so at [email protected]

Have a most pleasant day and happy holidays to you!