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By Melanie Miller
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Why is the sky blue and the clouds white, why is the sun a golden color?

These things I would like to know...that some one may know and will tell me one day.

Why are the trees green and turn brown in the autumn and why do birds migrate?

They are sweet creatures and they never lie, steal or hate?

So we all need to learn from them.
Why do angels fly and sing their songs, and why does heaven have gold mansions in them?

Why do we dance and why do we laugh?
Time to get it right, time to do the math, and get on the right path of life.

Why do some people dream and others don't?
Why do dogs wag their tails and sniff fire hydrants?

Why does the ocean seem so big, that I could be swallowed up in it.

Why are the mountains tall?
Oh well, all these questions I may never know but one thing I do know,

is my shadow follows me every where I do, but why?