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Jonathan's Use Of 'AZIKIWE' When Convenient To Him

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One thing for sure; Ndigbo are not fooled at any time. Anticipatorily, President Goodluck Jonathan added the name 'Azikiwe' to make Igbo people believe that he is one 

of them, a flyer that his campaigner took to Igbo nation in USA. An average Igbo man would like to know when and actually who gave Azikiwe name to President Goodluck Jonathan. Did he acquire it as a ploy or a nick-name?

Even during his declaration at Eagle square in September, his speech which was recorded verbatim heard/read him call himself three times this way: First was 'Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan'; the second was 'Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan' (missing Azikiwe entirely out) and the third was 'Dr. Goodluck Azikiwe Ebele Jonathan' (mixing up the position of Azikiwe and Ebele). The inconsistency used therein in describing self smacks deceit.

However, whichever result he wants to achieve, until he lets the Igbo person how he came about the name (Azikiwe) because it has been discovered that he was not named that at the Church or anywhere on record, by his parents,

All the points Ndigbo are making is that 2015 must not pass them by. Whatever that would assure them this is what they stand for. Stopping leaders of Ndigbo from conducting their peaceful meeting as in the case of Owerri Concorde Hotel or denying the Ohaneze Ndigbo use of a venue for their scheduled meeting of 30 th September in Abuja would not solve any problem or leave them intimidated.

Finally, we the Ndigbo must weigh which option pays us better towards realizing Igbo presidency come 2015; supporting the positions canvassed for the 2011 by Jonathan or supporting a northern candidate for the 2011 presidency. One thing should be realized by all Nigerians: Ndigbo would only be seen back into the mainstream Nigeria after the civil war that ended forty (40) years ago, if Igbo person becomes Nigeria's President in 2015.

Chief Ogbuagu Chikelu,
Nwaniba Road,
UYO, Akwa Ibom State