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Few weeks back, I was grooming young African women from some parts of Africa preparing for an international show and it is sad seeing how most of our women do things they do not really enjoy doing but have to, because they want to survive.

Posing nude, photo-shoots with crocodiles and pythons———can you take this?

The modelling industry is fast gaining grounds on the African continent. During the age of our great grandfathers, I do not think much attention was paid to modelling (that is if they had any). Modelling today is a career to both ladies and males who do and do not derive joy from from doing it. Talking about deriving joy, do models all over the world not just Africa realistically derive joy from this profession or they just do it for the money, glitz and fame?

Being a top or super model can open a lot of doors and opportunities for ladies who model (sorry guys, am focusing on female models)in the runway shows or adverts for various companies all over the world. People love to sit by and watch these ladies do their thing but most people do not really understand what they pass through before and during their jobs. This arises from the perception of women who model by Africans. The average African does not really feel comfortable allowing his or her daughter to model. Modelling is regarded as an indecent job, a job for drop outs and wayward girls but that is not true. It all depends on how someone who calls herself a model carry herself about in the industry.

Being an expert who grooms models (males and females) I see modeling as a job you must work hard at before you can succeed. Ladies who are in the modelling field go through a lot before they can be accepted both at home and internationally.

Of course, any model who does not have what it takes to pass through the shores of her country to model cannot regard herself as a professional in the modelling industry. One major challenge every model both male and female face is the challenge of having and maintaining a good and appropriate body weight. Ladies in the modelling industry cannot afford to be fat or overweight or else no designer will hire them. once in a while we have shows for plus size ladies but honestly, when it comes to assessment of body weight and physique in the modelling career, it is all about keeping your entire body trim and fit so you can sell any designer's collections and get Advert proposals from companies.

So, how do female models battle with weight blues? A female model can manage to get away with beauty flaws but once she is fat or overweight, no one even looks at her twice.  Having a slim and sexy body is very vital in the modeling industry but, some models go through hell depriving themselves of food nourishment and starving themselves to death at times. Yes, I have seen models get seriously sick and even die from starving just to lose weight. You see some models look so skinny and sick and you wonder. I keep telling those of them who care to listen that, you do not have to be 'skinny' to look 'beautiful' or starve yourself in the name of dieting. Dieting is all about enjoying your foods but modifying your eating habit so you do not over feed and eat junks.

Most models also use cigarette as food believing they can lose weight faster.

Fine, if cigarette slims you down, have you considered the negative health complications from the accumulations of the toxic nicotine in your system?

In fact, if you know how to eat healthy, you do not have to starve yourself, pop slimming pills to stay slim and fit.

Another issue that worries female models in Africa is skin maintenance, having and sustaining clear, smooth and radiant skin. People in the skin and cosmetics products industry need female models to model and sell their products. Models with patch-patch skin hardly get hired for such adverts. No skin or make up manufacturer hires a model with rashes,spots coke&fan-ta skin.

How about he challenge of having to pose nude and shooting photos with  crocodiles,snakes and other animals. If I have my way, I will totally ban such session the modelling industry without blinking an eye. Period!! Our African culture,christian and moslem faith abhors women exposing themselves naked in the public but because these ladies want to make money and be famous, they go all the way to do things they do not really enjoy doing. Some models are also made to pose with  serpents. J-eez,  hey, I do not give a hoot if they are tamed or not but, what  beauty does a python coiled around a naked body add? Is there anything cool and beautiful about a damned-cursed serpent?  These models are instructed to play and even kiss serpents all in the name of  'I-do-not-know-what!!!!

You see folks, these are some of unpleasantries these ladies you see on billboards,magazines,television and hot fashion shows go through just to be famous. Does all these make modeling an easy job? (BRING-IT-ON)