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As the buzz for the Calabar festival increases, with Gov Imoke declaring the date of the carnival to be November 30th to December 31st, Transcorp Metropolitan Hotel and Conference takes the gaiety of the event a notch higher. They are unveiling more guest rooms, offering luxurious amenities fused with unrivalled service and inspiring views of Calabar.

Transcorp Metropolitan Hotel and Conference is strategically located on Murtala Mohammed Highway, the main road leading into Calabar from the airport. The Transcorp Metropolitan has long been known as the toast of government officials resulting from a long romantic history with both the citizens and the government in Calabar. It is now equally known as the first point of call and the relaxation spot for
upwardly mobile people in and out of Calabar.

In 2009 the Calabar Festival attracted an estimated 50,000 visitors to the ancient city of Calabar --a large chunk of whom had difficulties finding a place to lodge. Transcorp Metropolitan has taken care of accommodation related challenges such as these. The prime location
also offers viewing pleasure of the carnival from the Hotel.

The Hotel is also centrally-located in a convenient location for access to the airport, the stadium, Marina Resort, the Old Residency, the Watt and Marion markets, Duke Town Church, the Governor's residence and civic offices. The location of the Hotel affords it excellent visibility from all directions making it the choice hotel in Calabar during the carnival.

One major attraction at the Calabar festival is food. Local and foreign chefs at the Transcorp Metropolitan have graduated from mere chefs to artists. The sight of a beautiful flower on your table is gratifying on its own, but even more so when they are carved out of various fruits and will be a part of your meal. The Vienna Cafe at the Transcorp Metropolitan is a vibrant restaurant, displaying the work of local artists, with something for everyone. An extensive assortment of international cuisines (both continental and Nigerian) are always available.