2011: There’ll be Coup If…-Olumba

By Chike Duru

…Warns Corrupt Governors to Quit
Walter Duru
Sole Spiritual head and founder of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, leader

Olumba Olumba Obu has warned Nigerians of an impending Military take over, if

corrupt public office holders are allowed to contest in next year's general

Leader Olumba who spoke through the king of Kings and Lord of Lords, His

Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu gave the warning during an early morning devotion

pronouncement at the world headquarters of the Brotherhood, Calabar recently,

frowned at the continued looting of Nigeria's treasury by those in authority

insisting that it must stop.
“Truly, everything has a time. Time to rejoice and time to cry. I remember years

ago when the father declared that there will be no more coup in Nigeria and now,

all those who say that they do not believe in Brotherhood, is that not the

reason why they are doing all that they are doing? When one emerges governor, he

will stay there and loot the treasury, spend and eat the money as he likes. This

thing has to stop. I say, it has to stop, otherwise, there is coup ahead. There

is coup ahead and the father is going to pay a blind eye. He will not avert it.

So, all the corrupt governors will give way; and tell Jonathan to steer clear

of corrupt governors. Those he is supporting for second term, he should leave

them. In fact, he should tell them to get out. They should not run. This country

should be run by people who fear God. Dear brethren, tell Jonathan to keep his

hands clean. Let him not support any corrupt governor. All corrupt governors

must quit and give account of monies they have misused, otherwise, I say, the

father is going to pay a blind eye”, he stressed.
Speaking on the spate of kidnapping in the Country, the Chairman, Brotherhood

of the Cross and Star Executive Council says, ���Which people started this

kidnapping thing? Are they not those in power? Immediately they realize that you

are out to oppose them, they kidnap you and they do not allow money to

circulate. That is why the poor people are saying: if the people in authority

are kidnapping, why can't we kidnap too? So, if you remove all the corrupt

officials, you will see that there will be no more kidnapping in Nigeria, so

that the resources will be allowed to go round the children of God. They are

angry because they are hungry and that is why they kidnap”.

Continuing, he said: “I don't want people to say, I think the father said there

will be no more Coup. The thing is too much. How can we forget ourselves like

that”?, he queried.
On the recent Abuja bomb blast, he described it as a warning signal and warned

of pending danger. “When they get close to knowing who did the bombing,

something else will trigger off and the father will pay a blind eye to send all

corrupt officials away. They should not be allowed to contest. They should

leave God to pick his clean and honest children to rule, else, this is it oooo!

Blind eye”.
Commenting on the Immunity clause enjoyed by state governors, he urged the

legislature to remove same in the interest of the Country's democracy.

“Immunity clause should be removed from governors because, it makes them to play

God and look at themselves as God. They do anything they want. Immunity clause

should be removed so that they can be sued and checked. This is the way of

correcting Nigeria, otherwise, the coup coming, the father will pay blind eye”,

he stressed.
It would be recalled that non of his previous pronouncements went unfulfilled.

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