I don't like to write about celebs I know Klint...I feel a little guilty because this stories might not be true...but maybe this one goes.

According to rumour, Klint de drunk, who is making plans to marry his longtime girlfriend, Gillian, is neck deep in a controversial pregnancy mess. The pregnancy, which he is yet to accept is two months gone and the girl in question is one Chioma Okafor, a yr 3 Sociology undergraduate of the University of Nigeria. Chioma called the press and this is what she had told them.

Chioma Okafor"My pregnancy is about two months now and since then Klint has abandoned me. He has stop picking my calls" She went further to explain how they met, all the promises he made to her and how she fell pregnant. "I decided to keep the baby because everybody in my family is now aware, and they've been supportive"

Well, trust our Naija journalists. They called Kilnt and this is what he had to say.

Klint "I am not confirming or denying the story, but I know it's the plans of my enemies to affect my future and career and this is actually coming at a time I am planning to settle down."

First and foremost, a child is God's the hell is a child going to affect his future?
Secondly, if you're engaged to be married...why have unprotected sex with another woman?
Klint, no be your your condo lack of control cause am! lol!