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Leader of Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) Mujahid Asari Dokubo said he had raised the alarm on alleged atrocities of the leader of Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), Henry Okah, currently being detained by the SouthAfrican authorities in connection with the October 1 bomb blast in Abuja.

Dokubo, who spoke in a statement entitled: Henry Okah - 'I Have Been Vindicated', recalled that he had earlier in 2007 warned of the danger Okah posed to the peace in the region in a statement entitled: 'Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it,' but was condemned by several notable people in the region.

'When I was exposing this blood-thirsty monster, Henry Okah, those who knew little or nothing about him, because of either ignorance or primordial sentiments jumped to his defense. I was terrified when elder statesman Pa Edwin Clarke, former president of Ijaw Youth Council -JonJon Oyinfie, Oboko Bello of FINDIC, and Collins Eselemo were out to contradict me.Today, Wednesday 6, October 2010, the tapes are playing and we are watching the monster.

'15 days before now, the intelligence unit of NDPVF had a stunning revelation and uncovered a plot by Henry Okah to re-arm militants , to re-arm his criminal gangs in the region. We intercepted large parches of arms that were being sent to his new recruits around the Bonny, New Calabar, Sombreiro and St. Bartholomew rivers. This information was promptly forwarded to the security agencies that Henry Okah was up to something.

'These persons in government and its agencies dismissed it! That, I was a rabid hater of Henry Okah. And this information was passed by some unscrupulous top government officers to Henry Okah, that 'Asari' had informed them that he, Henry Okah, was planning something, he said.

He alleged that Okah was responsible for several bomb blasts in the region including the post amnesty blast from which several governors from South-south narrowly escaped. Besides, he alleged that the MEND leader had insatiable appetite for wealth accumulation which often led his followers into crime. He picked holes in Okah's claim that President Goodluck Jonathan's side asked him to implicate the North for the blast, describing it as a cheap blackmail.