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A Niger Delta youth leader, Jude Tabai, has warned Northern leaders against taking the country for granted over the twin explosions that rocked Abuja on October 1.

Tabai, who is well known among ex-militants in the region for his non-violent approach to the Niger Delta agitation, in an interview with Sunday Sun said all attempts by some Northern politicians to seize power from President Goodluck Jonathan would fail because God will fight for him.

While insisting that Jonathan did not lie over the bomb blast incident, Tabai said very soon the whole truth about the plan and its execution would be known and people would be ashamed of their comments.

'Mr President is right for saying he knows those behind the blast. I say he is right because we from the Ijaw-speaking area of the Niger Delta know those behind it. Warri was bombed and we know those behind it because there is a chain. He was very correct because the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta people used to know is dead,' Tabai said.

The peace advocate further disclosed: 'The crisis you are seeing today about the bomb blast has been in the pipeline. Those who don't know should keep their mouth shut. Some of us know those who did it and that it would get to this stage. There were militants and boys who have been romancing with some politicians for the past two months. They have been using subtle tactics to criticize President Goodluck Jonathan. We know those involved. If Nigerians doubt, they should just give security agents two weeks and the whole truth would come out.

'The whole purpose was to embarrass the government. This is not a matter between the North and the South. People who don't know what is going on are talking.

'Some Senators are talking about security breach. How many of Boko Haram people have been jailed? How many people have they arrested and prosecuted on the Jos crisis? This is the situation in the country and that is why we are saying we need a change, a generational shift that would change these things or else Nigeria would remain like this. We cannot be playing this kind of politics.'

According to Tabai, Jonathan cannot be compared to other Presidents that have ruled Nigeria.

'Which President has ever opened up the political space like this without thinking of selfish interest and provide a level playing ground for all aspirants? Look at the Peoples Democratic Party. For the first time there are no automatic delegates for a sitting President in the presidential primaries. For him to do that, you will know he has a transparent heart.

'When he appointed National Commissioners for the Independent National Electoral Commission, people said some of them were PDP members, and he replaced them. But people are not contented but want to scuttle the electoral process through crude tactics.'

He said the bomb blast incident was being politicized because people want to change the story.

'Whoever has brought the northern divide into it did it to get sympathy and make the matter look bogus. In another two weeks, the noise would die and the truth would come out and those implicated, no matter how highly placed, would defend themselves. People are just making noise and trying to create sentiments because of the fear of the truth. But the truth can't hide forever. Okah's statement was meant to make it look like a national problem.

'Okah said somebody called him. At the level we are now, we are mentioning names. Let him mention the names of the person that called him,' Tabai said.

He added that the North had no problem with Jonathan but there is a clique spreading hate among those who do not understand the intrigues of power. 'All those who parade themselves as Northern elders and calling Jonathan a liar would retract their statement after realizing that the President is actually telling the truth and he knows those who did it.'