Doubts over the authenticity of Okah's interview with Al Jazeera

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There are doubts over the authenticity of Tuesday's celebrated interview with Henry Okah, ex-MEND leader by Al Jazeera, accusing President Goodluck Jonathan of attempts to implicate Northern politicians, over October 1, 2010 bomb blasts that left 12 persons

Investigations within the security services in Nigeria and South Africa revealed that the interview with Mr. Okah, may have been faked to deceive the Arab cable news network as South Africa and Nigerian secret services maintained that there is a great deal of doubt about the authenticity of the telephone contact between the media organization and the embattled militant leader.

  The controversial telephone interview, which was said to have been granted by Mr. Okah from his South Africa jail , where he is currently facing a terrorism charges, is believed to have been faked, as the South Africa security services are said to have confirmed to their Nigerian counterparts that said that, 'at no time did we allow Okah to make such telephone contact'.

  Said a top security source: 'following suspicion raised about the authenticity of the interview, we contacted South Africa to confirm its validity but were shocked to find out that at no time did such interview take place'.

  In fact, our contact wondered why it took us so long to cross check this information because they did not want to interfere since the issues did not concern their government directly 'they have been waiting for such security inquiries from their Nigerian counterpart before revealing the veracity of the interview since the content does not concern them directly'.

  These findings have further raised questions as to whether the purported interview with MEND members, in crispy military uniforms, forty eight hours before the bomb blast , was also true or not.

  Already, the Joint Task Force (JTF), for the Niger Delta has debunked the veracity of the interview insisting that after an aerial surveillance of the region there were no militant camps anywhere, as claimed by Al Jazeera.

  It would be recalled that the same Al Jazera, during the Yar'Adua saga also staged a similar interview with the late president's cousin claiming that 'the sick man was healthy, playing with his children and climbing 13-story building'.

  The Cable News Network (CNN), had a couple of years ago sacked one of its African correspondents, following a similar faked interview purportedly granted by Niger Delta militants .

  Said our source  'The psychological warfare that has been waged against the presidency in the past week has been ratcheted up with deliberate falsehood   and outright lies being served up in the media.  

On Tuesday, a television station announced the sack of the Chief of Staff to the President, Chief Mike Oghiadomhe. Today, an online medium reported that the same chief of staff had been arrested for complicity in the October 1 bombings.  

Such poppycock should ordinarily be laughed out court if not for the profound significance they present of the forces in contention today.  

Two days ago, it was a voice alleging to be accused bomber Henry Okah. We have found that this was contrived and sold to Al jazeera as a dummy. These all have the discredited military style written all over them, and we are watching the situation very closely', he disclosed.