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•As it is right now, it seems the fight between actor, Saheed Balogun and his embattled wife, Fathia is far from over, despite efforts being made by the ANTP and some influential Nigerians to bring them back together.
At a point when most of their fans were thinking that a solution will soon be found to the couple's differences, Saheed Balogun, in an interview with a magazine recently said he no more has anything to do with Fathia.
He even accused Fathia of infidelity, among other things. Searchlight thinks Nigerians should support these movie stars with prayers and fasting. Or what do you think?

•Talk of an actress that has always been in the media for one reason or the other, then you are referring to Ini-Obong Edo. For sometime now, Ini, as she is fondly called, has not been having a nice time with journalists and even in the make-believe industry, considering the number of times disciplinary action had been taken against her.
The latest is her alleged romance with a United States-based businessman called Philip. Anyway, you folks should keep your fingers crossed on the issue as hidden facts about the relationship will be revealed on this page next week. It's a promise!

•Are you folks aware that veteran actor, Kayode Odumosu, a.k.a. Pa Kasumu, apart from what he is doing in moviedom, has another calling? Searchlight saw him at a live television programme recently and guess what? He wasn't on the programme as an actor. Pa Kasumu was actually on the screen preaching the word of God!
In fact, those in the know squealed that he has been in this game for a very long time.

•Searchlight is seizing this opportunity to inform you folks not to be surprised if star actress, Bukky Wright, delves into music someday. Why? Because it has been discovered that she, alongside music star, Lekan Fadeyi a.k.a. Azadus, were pioneer choristers at the Cherubim and Seraphim Church (C & C), Ayo Nio, on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, some 20 years ago.
So, can see why she may want to do music in future?

•Remember Searchlight once squealed to you that award winning young movie producer, Yomi Lukmon Fabiyi, could be set for another surprise?
Now, Searchlight has beamed its light on the new surprise and the revolution that is about to take place will come up somewhere in Ikeja and sometime in October. So, keep your fingers crossed as we keep you posted.