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By NBF News

'He who hides the wrong he did, surely did the wrong thing still'… Bob Marley. My dear country men and women, friends and well wishers of Nigeria, on this occasion of our national day 50th anniversary, it is appropriate to salute your sacrifice despite the deprivations and disappointments you have endured over the years.

The time has come however for us to change the course of our history. Those who are attempting to write the accounts of this era in blood shall find themselves isolated.

Not only is their pursuit doomed, there shall be no respite even for their pampered offspring because of our resolve, everything they have acquired illegally, we shall with the help of divine concurrence, recover and the caves shall not be their hiding place nor deny us our day of justice. It is therefore futile for this class of silly thieves parading themselves as leaders to continue raping and plundering this land or to assume timidity on our part.

We are familiar with their methods, but they shall find bewilderment in the tactics we shall deploy. We hereby serve notice that we are more than one step ahead of this gang and no matter how hard they try, we will not return to the unhealthy practices as before, even the conspirators they have planted in our midst, in a little while they would be unable to contain their shame.

As for the lunatics who still exploit the frustrations of our people in the dubious game of religion and ethnicity, they had better repent for a new dawn is at hand and none shall be excused. We have seen how neck deep they are in materialism and the obscenity of their lifestyle; at best they ridicule the essence of faith with their dramatised versions, a theatre of the absurd.

Traditional rulers should demonstrate goodwill and identify with the true yearnings of the masses, not collude with or act as tyrants themselves. Labour leaders should brace up and be alive to reforms within their own constituencies in the first instance as too many arbitrary events, like very many levies, are now common place. In the house of God, it is regrettable that full scale commercial activities prevail, soon there would be gnashing of teeth, as we transform our society through rebirth and give equal opportunity to all whilst also rewarding achievers.

Dear compatriots, in the coming 2011 general elections, let us from even unexpected quarters across Nigeria volunteer our resources to ensure the successful conduct and true outcome of our voting. The global community is sympathetic to our plight and is with us in a search for good governance. Anywhere we see untoward behavior, we should keep uncensored record even with our digital devices like cameras and phones, as you never know what shocking details they can provide.

Military personnel, currently restructuring I'd like to believe, please be on your guard, lest you become incapable of holding your ground when the chips are down. We pray you disregard any troublesome suggestion in any guise that seeks to elongate or conjure a mandate that we the sovereign people of Nigeria have not given so that we do not experience an unprecedented catastrophe, the magnitude of which even imagination cannot comprehend.

We would like to appeal to the civilized nations and lovers of peace to call our oppressors in Nigeria to order so as to spare the world the scepter of hostility that they attempt to engender. We want to assure the international community that on our part, we would expose their nuisance value at any opportune time. We have a duty to ensure that the potential inferno is not provoked beyond its elastic limit.

Progressives should keep hope alive for we shall definitely overwhelm this insensitive and disingenuous evil machination of a senile and residual few. Even if they disperse us at the forefront, be not afraid, for there is a contingency provision to see this enterprise to its logical conclusion. In unity let us abide and hopefully, God shall see us through.