California Company Plans to Build Power Plants in Nigeria and Create Thousands of Jobs.

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Riverside, CA. 9/21/10. Capital Investment Group, an investment company based in California, is planning to team up with other American based companies to build power plants in Africa, starting with Nigeria.

Nigeria needs a minimum of 150,000 megawatts of electricity to power both domestic consumption and the economic activity of its 150 million citizens. That's a potential export business of $150 billion for American power plant manufactures, and opportunity or thousands of skilled jobs to be created in Nigeria.

Capital Investment Group has been working with both the Federal Government of Nigeria and some State Governments to build 4,000 megawatts of power across various states and localities in Nigeria for the last one year. Using distributive generation, Capital Investment Group's plan calls for power to be generated where it is needed and when it is needed. Their proprietary plug and play technology allows for power plants to be locally manufactured in Nigeria within a short time. “Nigerians cannot afford to wait another year, day, or a minute to have 24/7 power,” says Toyin Dawodu, Managing partner of Capital Investment Group., “that is why I personally contacted President Jonathan and other state Governors to partner with us to deliver Nigerians from darkness now” “I urge all Nigerians to join us in this effort to deliver the nation from darkness.”

In a meeting in New York over the weekend with Professor Nnaji, Chairman of the Presidential task force on power, Professor Nnaji gave his assurances, stating that “the Nigerian Government is willing to support Capital Investment Group's efforts as long as Capital Investment Group can secure the funding guarantees.”

By teaming up with world renowned American power plant manufacturers, Dawodu hopes to create up 40,000 jobs in Nigeria within the next few years, while training Nigerians in the technology needed to manufacture and manage these power plants.  Capital Investment Group plans to finance, build and assemble its 4,000 megawatts power plants using locally trained Nigerian technicians and engineers. This $4 billion worth of business and investment over the next 3 years and can create thousands of jobs for Nigerians and Americans.

 Nigerian's number one desire is to have stable electricity.  It is this desire that propels Toyin Dawodu, Managing partner of Capital Investment Group to contact the Nigerian president directly about his desire to build 4,000 megawatts of power.  Says Kingsley Okundaye, Executive Director for Capital Investment, “our desire to build 4,000 megawatts in Nigeria is the first step in lighting up the whole country and the rest of Africa, Capital Investment hopes to deliver the first 10 to 40 megawatts power plant in Nigeria state within the next six months, therefore we welcome all state, local governments and companies interested in energy both conventional and renewable to contact us immediately, by logging on to