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The federal legislature is, no doubt, a place of very important persons. With the quarterly allocations in the millions accruing to each member, although the actual amount is now controversial, the stream of visitors to the place is becoming overwhelming by the day.

The calibre of visitors ranges from the low ranking members of society, who come to beg for handouts, to the high and mighty, coming either as contractors or politicians seeking favours from senators or reps.

Observations have shown that if you ride a big car like the four wheelers or other head turning series, you might get a loud salute from security men at the gates. But the business of salutes is a gamble of a sort. Once in a while, a smiling 'big man' who may have enjoyed the salute shows appreciation by stopping, rolling down his glass and extending 'something' to the eagerly waiting men. Sometimes it is an effort in futility as some would look the other way and speed off. Not a nice way to treat a man showing some respect, you may say.

However, if you desire such a salute, you may well get it if you know how. First, you must wait at the National Assembly until it is dark and when you drive out with your lights on, it may be very difficult to discern whether you are riding a sleek car or a rickety one, provided your headlights are beaming radiantly.

When the salute rings out and hands are raised over the head, just nod your head and zoom off if you have nothing to spare.