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Eschew the thoughts running riots in your mind. Ego Ogbaro has not found another love interest. She is still successfully married to Niyi Ogbaro.

At a time when fans and friends had practically given up all hope of hearing Ego sing her own songs in that special way that endeared her to music lovers, she has taken herself up by the bootstraps and is virtually set to prove cynics and critics wrong that her solo career was a stillborn.

Towards ensuring that her sonorous voice never fades from our memories again, Ego has released the first video off her debut album due for release later. Entitled Fall in Love, the video was shot in the US by evolving music videos director, Kemi Adetiba.

Speaking to E-Punch midweek, Ego said that the choice of the video's location was just coincidental. 'I was in the US and the director too was around. So, it was only natural that we utilised the opportunity.

More so, Eldee (another Nigerian singer) was around and everything just worked out well.' The video is now on major television stations, garnering plaudits for its lyrical content and picture clarity.

Fall in Love, Ego continues, is a song about unreciprocated love. 'It is about loving something so much but not getting as much love in return. It is not that the other party does not love you but the love is not commensurate with yours.'

She adds, however, that the theme of the song has absolutely nothing to do with her. 'Music is not always about personal experiences; it could be conceptualised or it can happen to somebody else, but not necessarily the singer,' she explains.

It is now about three years that the velvet-textured singer bade bye to the band of masked musician, Lagbaja, where she was an integral member for over a decade, achieving national acclaim and recognition and appreciation for her talents.

A large presence in the musical undertakings and accompanying successes of Lagbaja, breaking into the mainstream as a solo artiste, has, however, been pretty tough for the Globacom ambassador.

But with infectious conviction, she tells E-Punch that when her debut album is eventually released, 'It would be worth all the wait for my fans.'