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My Love For You

By Melanie Miller

My love for you, is so rare and true,
like a precious gem.
You are like a song from a hymn book.
You are everything to me so why can't I be everything to you.

You found someone new, but you lie and say you have not found another...

but I know better, but my love is still strong for you, and none other.

You are the light of my life and I still am honored and proud to be your loving wedded wife.

I thought that I too, meant the world to you, but now I see that I don't.

Maybe, one sweet day, I can mean the world to you again, and that you will love me alone,

and leave her...but for now, she is the one loving you, and yet, I still long for your touch and embrace,

and wished you would make sweet passion to me again, as it's been so long since you even kissed my lips of honey.

You know you're all I want and desire and need in my life.

You're all I want, and I care for you so very much.

I just wished you cared for me, the same way you did long ago.

How can I make you feel that passion again, how can I make you love me strongly, like you once did?

There are no words I can say or express to make it any clearer, of how much I love only you, tis' true..

just one man, do I truly love the most, and that is you, my prince.

So please love me back, like you used to do, and make me feel happy once again and take away all this sadness and blue, and misery I am in.

I want only you, to hold me and caress me, and look into my eyes of blue.

No other man will do for me but you.
You are my dream come true, and I want you to fall in love with me anew, and make everything alright.

If we can salvage what we once had, and be lovers again, I would welcome your love, with open arms.

You are the only man that I can't resist, all the others are nothing to me, just specks on the ground, and you know, that I will always be around,

for you and love you so true.

the end