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Mopol commander sacks female corporal from barracks for denying him sex


The     age long issue of sexual harassment of     female officers     of the     Nigerian Police     force has again come to the fore with the apparently despicable conduct     of the Commander of the Nigerian Police Mobile Force, 48 squadron, Ahoada,   Rivers  State   (MOPOL 48), C.S.P David     Obike Eme who allegedly allowed     his libido to     get the better of his     senses.  

  According to a statement, issued in Owerri by one Vivian Munlip, who is     the sister of     Emcy Munlip, a woman police corporal attached to MOPOL 48, Ahoada, Rivers state, she said, 'my sister has been suffering all sorts of harassments and molestation from her commander,   Mr. David   Obike Eme because she refused to keep a sinful relationship with him. Because of the nature and limitations of her work, I took it upon myself to bring this matter to public view. I cannot continue to keep quiet while my sister suffers for not sleeping with her commander who is a married man with kids'  

  Our correspondent authoritatively gathered that Emcy Munlip was posted to MOPOL 48 in  June 2008 and since then her commander CSP David Obike Eme had not hidden his interest in her.  

  After initial advances and several invitations to the House of the commander which she turned down, things took a drastic turn sometime in September 2009 when Commander David Obike Eme assigned her to accompany him on an official duty to Abuja  . On getting to  Abuja  , the commander booked into a hotel room and asked the female corporal to stay with him in the room.     To this, Emcy Munlip refused, walked out and the next day returned to Mopol base Ahoada. The commander on arrival called the female Corproal and apologized for his actions.  

  this point,     it seemed     all was well again     until     the commander     learnt     that Corporal Emcy     Munlip     was dating a young officer to whom she intends to get married.  

  According to sources at the MOPOL base, the commander's fury knew no bound.  Beside assigning her to tough beats,  h e eventually summoned Corporal Munlip and directed her to pack out of the quarters. To this, the female Corporal agreed and went in search of accommodation.  

  According to eye witnesses, in just about two hours after she was asked to pack out of the quarters, the Commander directed one Inspector Collinus Nwaogbo to throw her belongings out of the quarters. Nwaogbo broke into the Corporal's room and threw all her properties out of the house where it has remained under the rain and sunshine to the time of going to press.  

  When contacted, the provost officer in charge of accommodation in the squadron, Mr. Marginga Simon, a Superintendent of Police expressed dismay at the action but noted that it was not carried out through his office.   'The commander gave the directive to one inspector, I think you should talk to the commander', he said.  

  Efforts to get the commander were unsuccessful but when contacted, the second in command, Superintendent Kingsley Anyanwu said, 'It is a very pathetic situation. I sympathize with the lady. I cannot say more than this because I was not put in the picture of things. I just saw it like everyone else'.  

  When Corporal Emcy Munlip was contacted, she said,'I do not know what I have done wrong to deserve this sort of treatment. They broke into my house, threw out my belongings, money and left them under the rain.  

When I went to the commander to complain, he admitted to have done it and asked me to go to hell'  

  Emcy's     sister,     Vivian     Munlip however     informed     newsmen that     she is going to prevail on her sister to petition     the Inspector General of Police over     the matter.  

  Meanwhile, another     officer,     Mr. Augustine     Ngurukwem (ASP), the officer in charge     of Transport / Workshop in the same squadron has also petitioned the Rivers     State Commissioner     of Police     Complaining     against     the illegal deals     of     commander     David     Obike Eme with   police vehicles     attached to the Mopol     48     squadron Ahoada,     Rivers state.  

  Said he, 'I was posted on  8 th   July, 2008  as officer in charge of     Transport at the 48 Squadron,     Ahoada.     In spite of my request to the commander on the need for me to take possession and ensure     effective supervisions     of the squadron vehicles, the commander     is yet to hand over the vehicles as he promised.  

  In the course of investigations, we discovered the commander, C.S.P David Obike Eme had hired out two of the squardron's vehicles to Agip oil company     based in Egbema in Omoku     council area of Rivers     state'  

  According to the petition, the Transport Officer alleges that the two vehicles , NPF1075C, a Nissan pick-up and     NDF  888C ,     a Hiace   pick-up have been     hired out to Agipo since     2008     at the rate of     N300,000 poor vehicle     each month, making N600,000 for the two vehicles.  

  At the expense of the squadron for which the vehicles were provided to ease operational work, Commander David Obike     has apparently    bagged    funds in excess of N7.2million within the last two years he     had illegally put the squadron's vehicles on lease.  

  The petition     of ASP Augustine     Ngurukwem also read in part: ' Sir, as I am unfolding     these issues     to you, I am     reliably informed     and I believe it , that four squadron vehicles     are presently parked in the private     house of     the MOPOL 48 Commander and we cannot access or make use of them'.